Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush Review

What is a Hair Blow Dryer Brush?

Known as the hair drying tool of the future, the mighty hair dryer-brush is a combo you never knew you needed! This is the best solution for users who get tired of multitasking with both their brushes and their hairdryers pointed at their hair while drying or styling. These are mostly in a corded round brush design which produces heat to style or dry your hair as you brush.

Since most have rounded cores, it makes it that much easier to simply curl and twist your hair to set it in several amazing hairstyles. Another amazing advantage of this device is that since it is a blow dryer and a hairbrush built into one, it’s all you need for all your hair styling needs. This also means you can save space especially when traveling.

What’s Different About The Amika Blow Dryer Brush?

Specifically, we are talking about the Amika blow dryer brush for today’s review and this is because apart from a few other industry giants, this newbie is becoming more and more popular for its unique features. It has a stylish black and orange combination which makes it excellent for traveling and use on any occasion.

You get to work with three handy temperature indicator lights that are positioned on the bottom and there is even a dial so you can easily adjust the temperature and speed as per your desire. As if it was not already super convenient for travel, this device is exceedingly compact and has been made keeping streamlined design in mind. Since it is a big brush it might take some getting used to.

How Does Amika Blow Dryer Brush Thwart Off Damage?

However, the best bit about this is that it does have an ergonomic design which ensures that even if used for extended periods, the user won’t have to worry about getting a strain or experiencing any issues in the long term.

It also makes use of a special tourmaline coated barrel which can produce tons of negative ions that counteract the positive ions of water molecules to prevent hair from getting frizzy. This is accentuated by the far-infrared technology which reduces heat damage and makes hair sleeker.

To ensure that the hair does not get tangled or damaged, this device comes with brush bristles of different sizes and the brush not only has three heat settings but also comes with a cooling feature that allows the hair to be set in place.

Even though the low 950 wattages of the Amika blow dryer brush might appear to render it a low wattage heat styling tool, this is an advantage and not a flaw as this allows the user to get the same styling results but with much less heat damage to your hair.

And there are 3 adjustable heat settings in total, and it is suitable for every type of hair. But curly hairstyles are the most suitable hair for this hair dryer brush, the oval body and the bristles are designed for creating glamorous curls and waves after all.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There are some drawbacks to this tool. The first one is that it does tend to get hot if it is used for a longer time. This means that a user might have to invest in heat styling gloves.

Of course, the price of a product is always going to be the main factor as to whether it should be bought or not. At 100 dollars, this device comes in the pricier range and this makes it a premium device not everyone can afford.

However, in conclusion, it is safe to say that the advantages of the Amika hair blow dryer brush far outweigh the cons as this is a hair tool that will give you your money’s worth with high performance and use with both wet and dry hair. Plus the ionic technology is the best way to ensure excellent results.

Now, We’ll Move On To a More Detailed Look Into The Main Features:

Amika Interchangeable Thermal Brush

  • Thermal ceramic barrel.

  • Ionic generator.

  • Nine-foot 360° swivel cord.

  • 356°F / 180°C temperature.

  • Dual Voltage.

  • Sea Buckthorn Berry extracts.

  • No attachments included.


Talking about the Amika Interchangeable Thermal Brush in a little bit more detail, the first thing you notice is that unlike other Amika products, this one comes in a plain matte black which is a good thing for users more comfortable with solid colors. This is a blowout brush designed to specifically get you that bombshell blowout effect within the comfort of your home.

No exposure to direct heat or hot air with this one as you will simply be brushing and styling in one go. It has a ton of features as well which includes a thermal ceramic barrel which of course means that the heat is going to be spread out proportionately throughout as you brush and style.

This is accentuated by the ionic generator which of course is responsible for producing negative ions that counteract with any moisture ions and thus ensures there is no frizz involved in the outcome. There is also a nine-foot swivel cord that can be rotated 360 degrees and thus allows for greater maneuverability and manageability.

One special trick that this device has is that the negative ion generator can easily be switched on and off as per the user’s desire and this means that there is a sliding button to turn it off or on. If it is a more volumized look you are going for, then all you need is this ion generator and once the button is red, it means it is functional.

Since this is a very versatile device that comes with dual voltage tendencies, it means you can use it internationally while traveling with multiple power sources. It also comes with temperature options for 356°F and 180°C temperatures to tame hair textures and types of all kinds.

Finally, thanks to the addition of nylon bristles on the brush, these ensure a very gentle and smooth hold on your hair while also preventing static or frizz to form. Thanks to the Sea Buckthorn Berry extracts your hair will get enriched with over 190 naturally occurring bioactive compounds for that additional healthy sheen and look.


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