Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

When we talk about portable air conditioners specifically, we have to take into consideration that they are slightly different from your normal and average standard ACs. This is because they are a more versatile cooling framework which makes use of a more traditional method to provide the user with cooling. Some could say that these are less high tech than standard cooling devices since they make use of refrigerants or coolants that transform liquids into gas as per the amount of heat they take in.

While these may seem outdated, there is still quite a high demand for these as they are the recommended answer for individuals who can’t utilize a standard cooling unit due to several of their limitations. One main example is that since standard air conditioners make use of horizontal windows, vertical kinds that can be ported around become nearly impossible to use. Another excellent reason for investing in a portable air conditioner is fi you live in a rented space and that means you might have to move again or you might not be allowed to install an AC.

However it isn’t easy for someone with no prior experience to simply select an electronic like this themselves without any proper research, so we have done the heavy lifting for you with this review of the picks of the best 14000 BTU portable air conditioners.

If you don’t have the time at the moment to actually go over this review at the moment of our 7 picks, we recommend that you take a look at the Whynter ARC-14S,  An award-winning air conditioner that comes with dual house operation and three optional modes without sacrificing much electricity and without breaking your bank that makes it the best bang for the buck portable air conditioner.

For more info on this, keep reading on in order to be educated and informed. If this is not enough information for you, keep reading on to make the best decision and before you start reading, take a look at our handy comparison chart as this will inform you of the main features of each product.

Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Model NameBest Features Price 
Whynter ARC-14S
Dual hose operation$$ Check Price
NewAir AC-14100E
(Editor’s Choice)
Automatic temperature controls $ Check Price
AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner
Adjustment between three speeds$ Check Price
Whirlpool 14,000 BTU400 square feet range$$ Check Price
VHOME NPE-14H AIR ConditionerBuilt-in dehumidifier$$ Check Price
LG LP1419IVSM 14,000 BTUDual rotary compressor$$ Check Price
hOmelabs Portable Air ConditionerAdhesive foam window seals$$ Check Price


Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

So, what’s the Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner? Let’s find out…

1. Whynter ARC-14S

Top Pick

Whynter ARC-14S

Fan with Activated Carbon Filter Plus Storage Bag for Rooms up to 500 sq ft

Award Winning: 1. Good Housekeeping’s “2021 Best Overall” and “can cool down a room faster than other portable units” 2. Consumer Report’s 2021 Highest Score; UL listed

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The Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner on this list we have is the Whynter ARC-14S which is one of the most versatile devices on this list thanks to the amazing number of features that it comes with. One of them of course is that it is completely portable which means you can cart it along just about anywhere and it is compact so you can bring it in just about anywhere.

It also comes fitted with a dual hose design which means that you can cool two spaces at once and also extremely fast. You will also get to make use of an advanced auto drain technology, which makes use of recycled moisture which is collected via the cooling process and this means that it is able to flow in cool air.

Another excellent feature in this device is that it comes fitted with a 24-hour programmable timer which means you won’t have to turn it off and on repeatedly as you can simply auto-program with the settings. You will also get full thermostatic control which will be made easier via its remote. However, the coolest thing about this device is that it makes use of chemical components that are CFC, R32 refrigerant, and lead-free. This means that you will be able to do your part in saving the environment while also getting that perfect cooling every time.

Finally, this device comes with three operational modes that include a fan, a dehumidifier, and an air conditioner so you have the option depending on the environment.

  • Three operational modes.

  • Eco-friendly options.

  • 24-hour programmable timer.

  • Full thermostatic control.

  • Advance auto drain technology.

  • Dual hose operation.

  • Mobile and versatile.

  • Not as durable.


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2. NewAir AC-14100E

Top Pick

NewAir AC-14100E

14000 BTU, 525 Square Foot Effective Range, Standard, White

FEATURES – This unit comes with an automatic cooling mode, Programmable timer, and a remote control

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Next, we have the NewAir AC-14100E which is one of the most powerful air conditioning units on this list yet. This is because it has the unrivaled power to cool down an area that is as large as 525 square feet with absolute ease. When you buy this device you are also getting to make use of an efficiency booster as all you have to do is add in some water to the compressor.

What this does is that it keeps the components cooler for longer and thus maximizes the efficiency of the unit. So not only will it stay cooler for longer but will also cool your surroundings while using less energy consumption. This also means that you will save up on a lot of money and thus this will quickly become a device that will be a great return on money.

Since it is after all an air conditioning unit that makes sue of 14,000 BTUs of cooling power you can be sure that you are getting a super-powerful cooling experience that cannot be compared. It is also a device that comes fitted with caster wheels which allows it to trudge along just about any terrain and thus also makes it fully portable. There is also an included easy to install window kit along with a handy remote control for ease of use. You also get the ability to customize and adjust with the automatic temperature controls and there is even a 24-hour timer so the user doesn’t have to keep adjusting their time settings.

In a nutshell, the NewAir AC-14100E is a solid portable air conditioner that comes in reasonable price tag and offers excellent performance that makes it the Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

  • 525 square foot range.

  • Efficiency Booster.

  • Less energy consumption.

  • Easy to roll casters.

  • Easy to install window kit.

  • Remote control.

  • Automatic temperature controls.

  • 24-hour timer.

  • Lowers costs.

  • None really.


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3. AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner

Editors Choice

AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner

Conditioner with Remote – Cools 550 square feet

Easily exhaust hot air through a window with the unit’s expandable outtake hose; venting kit with sealing, side panel leaf covers, bracket, and instructions included

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Next, we are looking at the AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner and this is the perfect option for all users that have smaller living spaces as compared to full units. This is a very powerful unit even though it is smaller and very portable as it runs with 14,000 BTUs and thus can cool down an area of 525 square feet or less within no time. Thanks to the fact that it is fitted with easy to roll caster wheels, it can be carted along just about anywhere with ease. It is also a very compact design which means just about anyone can push it along with ease.

This is an AC unit that has been made for use in rooms with either standard or non-customary windows and thus has the ability to disperse hot air through different sorts of windows by means of an expandable hose which also comes with a venting unit included. This allows the user to use it in 2 spaces at once and thus you can cool your surroundings much faster.

Finally, this is a device that not only has ease of mobility but also allows for excellent control options. One of these is the remote control programming which makes setting it up easier and users can also adjust the temperature between three speeds. There is also an automatic timer.

  • Remote included.

  • Rolling caster wheels.

  • 550 square feet range.

  • Expandable exhaust hose.

  • Installation kit included.

  • Compact and portable.

  • Adjustment between three speeds.

  • Three cooling settings.

  • Automatic timer.

  • Might not be as durable.


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4. Whirlpool 14,000 BTU

Cool Pick

Whirlpool 14,000 BTU

Conditioner with Remote Control in White

14000 btu (ashrae-128 standard)/8800 btu (doe 2017 standard)

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Whirlpool is a brand that needs no introduction as it has been one of the leading innovators in the market for a while. The Air conditioning unit we are specifically talking about is called the Whirlpool 14,000 BTU

Because this is a brand that you can put your trust in no matter what, you can be sure that it comes with tons of amazing features included into the mix. One of the most obvious yet most sought-after functions is that it is super portable and flexible and thus can be placed just about anywhere the user desire. Whether inside the home or at the office, you can get cooling wherever you go. This device comes with a dual exhaust air conditioning system which means that you can even cool down 2 rooms at a time.

When you talk about range, this device has it all as it can cool up a total distance of about 400 square feet and this means that you can cool or dehumidify a really large area in no time. The coolest thing about the Whirlpool portable air conditioner is the ease of use thanks to amazing features that it comes with. This includes a remote control for quick settings, a 24-hour timer, and an on-board electronic control that has 3 speeds so the user is always in control. You can also make use of one of 3 modes including fan, dehumidifier, and cooling modes.

When we talk about portability, it is achieved via the caster wheels which can be easily rolled around and thus allowing the user to move it wherever they please. These wheels also mean that no matter what kind of floors or terrain, the user will have complete ease of mobility.  Finally, to ensure that Whirlpool indeed takes their user’s comfort and ease seriously, this unit also comes with a window exhaust kit that is included and which is super easy to set up or uninstall if needed thus maintaining its portability.  

  • Portable device.

  • Dual exhaust system.

  • 3 speeds.

  • 24-hour timer.

  • Remote control.

  • Onboard electric controls.

  • Included window exhaust kit.

  • 3 modes.

  • 400 square feet range.

  • No warranty included.


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5. VHOME NPE-14H AIR Conditioner

Cool Pick

VHOME NPE-14H AIR Conditioner

14000 BTU, White

Vhome NPE-14H 14,000 BTU 4 in 1 “All Season” Portable AC with Heater, Dehumidifier, Fan and Remote Control

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The VHOME NPE-14H AIR Conditioner is the next 14,000 BTU Cooling Capacity air conditioning unit that also comes with its very own BTU Heater. Since it is completely portable, it can be used in just about any space such as in a vacation RV, at your office or even around different rooms of your house. You no longer have to be confined by the constraints of a conventional AC that has to be installed onto your walls.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the best options for those users that are tenants or who want to keep moving from time to time. Another excellent feature in this device is the fact that it has 4 in 1 multi-functional capabilities that include a fan, a cooling unit, and a dehumidifier all in one. You also get to make use of 3 useful fan speed options.  

Talking about the dehumidifier in more detail, it is built-in and allows the user to get rid of humidity and unwanted moisture from their surroundings. This is an excellent way to make the room cooler faster and get rid of that awful sticky feeling mostly associated with heat. All of this is also done with an energy-saving pump that conserves power and therefore is more efficient.

Users will also get a very useful window kit that comes with tools that work with 3 simple steps. Another really amazing option here on this unit is that it comes with a special LED display that has a control panel that can be used for a number of amazing settings. This includes fan speed selection, selection of the modes, the ability to set the fan speed, and there is a timer as well that can be used to set an amount of time in which the unit may turn off or on. Finally, one of the coolest features in this AC unit is that it has automatic self-evaporation technology which means that you won’t have to deal with emptying water buckets.

  • 4 in 1 functionality.

  • Built-in dehumidifier.

  • Window kit included.

  • LED display.

  • Control panel.

  • Automatic self-evaporation technology

  • None really.


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6. LG LP1419IVSM 14,000 BTU

Cool Pick

LG LP1419IVSM 14,000 BTU

Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner

Air conditioner dimensions: 19.41” W x 30.43” H x 18.11” D. | Weight 70.9 lbs

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Next up we have the LG LP1419IVSM 14,000 BTU and this is the best way to keep the temperature of the environment around you in check especially when you need some real cooling power.  This unit is not only stylish but is also really portable as it can be carted around with ease.

Since it is such an easily portable device, this means you can essentially take it along just about anywhere. This may be on vacation, at work, or even within the comfort of your home. Now every room can be cooled thanks to its mobility.

Because this device is fitted with a Dual Inverter technology it makes use of a lot less energy as compared to conventional cooling systems. This is achieved via the use of a dual rotary compressor that works with twin rotors that ensure a lower noise ratio, more energy-saving, and of course faster cooling.

Finally, this unit also comes with the use of LG’s SmartThinQ app which grants you the ability to control your LG air conditioner without being directly in front of it in order to change the settings or control it.

  • Dual Inverter technology.

  • SmartThinQ App.

  • Portable.

  • Dual rotary compressor.

  • Less noise.

  • Not as many features.


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7. hOmelabs Portable Air Conditioner

Best Choice

hOmelabs Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling Fan with Remote Control, LED Control Panel, Indicator Lights and Wheels for Easy Mobility

EASY TO INSTALL, NO HEAVY WINDOW UNIT TO LIFT – Our portable AC measures 17.9 x 15 x 30.7 inches and has wheels so it can be easily moved to any room that has a window accessible.

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Finally, to end this list off, we have the hOmelabs Portable Air Conditioner which is truly the best device when it comes to keeping sure that your costs associated with cooling are kept low! This is achieved via the built-in sleep function which lowers the amount of energy used at night and thus lowers the power used as well.

The one slight drawback of this device is however that even though it is a portable unit, it is best suited to use with double-hung windows which may be as wide as 48 inches. However, to make this transition easier, the brand also ensures that users have adhesive foam window seals to get the most airtight fit.

Thanks to both the digital control panel and the remote control, users can alter, change, and set the air conditioner to their desired level of temperature settings with ease. One of the coolest things about this air conditioner is the way the panels swing. Since it is attached horizontally, it also swings right to left thanks to its horizontal auto-swing feature. Another interesting feature is that when you turn the appliance on you will see that the AC door opens completely.  

Other than saving up on much-needed energy and power consumption, this AC unit also has one final trick up its sleeve and that is it can work almost silently at night so you can sleep in peace. It functions at a noise level of less than 53 dB.

  • Compatible with windows 48 inches wide.

  • Horizontal auto-swing feature.

  • Remote control included.

  • Adhesive foam window seals.

  • Really quiet.

  • Built-in sleep function.

  • Energy saving.

  • Has to be attached to windows.


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That said, the discussion on the Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner ends here. There are plenty of options selected for you in this list to help you make the better decision and we have also mentioned one product as a recommended unit to help you choose the best without any hassle. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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