Best Hair Dryer 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

best hair dryerApart from the actual drying of the hair, you will be faced with a decision of whether you want or consider the following to be helpful. Words like ion and ceramic technology, far-infrared heat, Nano titanium, negative ions, ergonomically designed and more, will confuse you.

Do these actually do what they claim to do?

From reviews online it appears that the new technology in hair dryers today do in actual fact reduce frizzy hair and leave your hair silky smooth. Then you have to consider how light the dryer is and how many watts they have. Generally the higher the watts the heavier the hairdryer. This will leave you with a choice, light or powerful?

For some people especially those suffering from arthritis or joint pain, it is obvious that they will prefer the lighter models. Others will prefer the most powerful hair dryer that will dry their quicker leaving it to frizz free and perfectly styled.

Best Hair Dryer 2021

There are so many different types of hairdryers. You can get the really cheap ones from the drug store or splash out on a designer hairdryer from well-known brands that come with a warranty and are expected to last a long time. Whatever you decide know that you get what you pay for and consider that you will either have to replace your dryer every year if you go for the no-name brands or buy one that comes from a good brand with a long warranty and in the long run will work out to be cheaper.

To help you, we have included our reviews for the Best Hair Dryer 2021.

Model NameWattsPrice 
Infiniti Pro by Conair1.875$
Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro
GHD Air Professional Performance
Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic
RUSK Ceramic Dryer
(Editor’s Choice)
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

1. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt

Infiniti Pro by ConairIf you want salon hair from the comfort of your own home, then you need to invest in a good hairdryer. A hairdryer is an essential appliance in almost every home, especially with women, you most certainly will find at least one in every household. The Infiniti Pro by Conair is a popular choice and comes with raving reviews.

This 1875 Watt hairdryer comes with all the necessary paraphernalia including a styling tool and a diffuser. This hairdryer offers an AC motor which delivers a powerful airflow and ceramic and ionic technology which makes the hair frizz free and shiny without causing any damage. The Conair AC motor dries hair very fast and is said to last three times as long as other conventional dryers.

With three heat settings and two speeds, this hairdryer delivers a controlled airflow and also features a cold button which is used to set the hair while drying. The back has a removable filter which must be kept clean from lint buildup, which will keep the dryer working smoothly and prolong the life of the motor. The pin point attachment for close up drying and the diffuser which is used to set in curls and add volume are an important addition to the Conair, Infiniti Pro which when used correctly will give you true hair salon performance.

This powerful hairdryer is ergonomically designed so it can be held comfortably for long periods of time. It is lightweight and well balanced which will make it easier for you to style your hair, even if it takes a bit of time.

The Infiniti Pro by Conair is said to be 50% faster at drying your hair due to its 1875 watt AC motor. These motors last longer than the standard DC motors that most average hairdryers have and the quick-drying helps to protect the hair from heat damage. The ionic technology eliminates frizz up to 75% and also enhances the natural shine of the hair. This technology will give you smooth and shiny hair every time.

The variable heat and speed settings are easy to use with rocker switches which engage with a quick flip. The different combinations of heat and speed can be set to suit your type of hair. Whatever the length and texture of your hair, there is a right setting on the Infiniti Pro just for your type. Once you have achieved the right style you can use the cold shot button to set the hair. This is a great hairdryer that will give you years of use if properly maintained. This is trusted company and making many other products like good epilators.


Powerful AC motor
1875 Watts
Ceramic & Ionic technology
Eliminates frizz
Removable filter
Three heat settings two speed
Concentrator attachment
Diffuser attachment


On high speed noisy

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2. Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite ProfessionalAn important appliance in any household, a hairdryer is essential for all women who want to style their own hair at home. The Solano 3500 Lite is a 1800 Watt professional, lightweight hairdryer that will give you a salon hairstyle due to its features and powerful motor. With Far Infrared heat which has the capability of drying the hair from the inside out, you will find that your hair will dry quickly and you will have less frizz.

The ceramic on the Solano 3500 distributes the heat evenly and the Ionic improves the moisture in the hair minimizing static electricity. Tourmaline promotes smoothness and shine and minimizes frizz. With all these features you can be assured of a salon-worthy hairstyle if you know how to use a hairdryer properly.

The Supersolano 3500 uses a lightweight DC motor which makes easy to handle even for longer periods of time. Hairdressers in particular who use hairdryers for long periods at a time will benefit from the lightness of the Solano Lite professional hairdryer.

This hairdryer comes with two styling attachments a concentrator for close up drying and a diffuser which is used to set curls and add volume to the hair. The back has a removable filter for removing accumulated lint. This should be done often if you want to prolong the life and functionality of your hairdryer. The Supersolano 3500 Lite also boasts a low EMF which is better for the environment.

The Solano 3500 comes with 3 heat settings and 2 fan speed settings which are on the side of the hairdryer not on the back that is usually the case with most hairdryers. On the upper end of the handle is a cold shot button which is used to set the hair after styling. The Solano 3500 Lite dries hair very fast and reviews online have pinpointed that this is one of the most important benefits it has. Even though it works fast it is not too hot which will damage the hair.

The Far infrared heat and the Ionic and ceramic technologies ensure that your hair is kept healthy while delivering a smooth and silky finish. This hairdryer only weighs one pound which is considered to be light for a professional hairdryer. It also has a convenient long electrical cord which will give you room to work with.

With a professional hair dryer like Solano 3500, you can expect that the ceramic heat will distribute heat evenly while drying. The Ionic generator will keep your hair moisturized and minimize static and the Tourmaline will make your hair smoother and reduce frizz. With variable speed controls of between 170F – 450F, you can set the temperature to the exact heat you need for your type of hair. The Solano Lite also heats up within 60 seconds giving you a truly salon-worthy response time.


1800 watts
Far infrared heat
Ionic and ceramic technology
Tourmaline technology
3 temperature settings
2 fan speeds
Cold Shot button
Removable filter



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3. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro – Best for Thick Hair

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro Hair DryerThe Neuro Hairdryer is said to be ‘less weight – more power’ which it probably is. Weighing just over 1 pound and with a 1875 watt DC motor it seems it delivers on its promise. This Hairdryer is manufactured under the guidance of Paul Mitchell who is a well-known stylist, which makes his products universally accepted.

The dryer is an unusual flat design which allows for it to sit upright and it has a LED display which clearly shows the heat and power settings. There are 4 heat settings and a cold shot button. The setting buttons are flush with the dryer and need to be pushed in for them to work.

The handle part has a soft protective rubber coating which makes this dryer easy to hold for long periods of time. The forward slanting handle is also ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. The dryer has Tourmaline Ions that make the hair shiny and reduce frizz.

The name of the hairdryer is taken from the advanced Neuro® Dry technology, which dries the hair from the inside out which also reduces frizz. This technology gives incredible results even if you are not good at blow drying your own hair. This hairdryer comes with two attachments, the collapsible silicone diffuser and the pin point attachment for concentrating on one section at a time.

The filter at the back is removable for cleaning and the smart indicator will let you know when this needs to happen.

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Dryer comes with a 9 feet electrical cord and a hanging loop for keeping the hair dryer stored upright. The Paul Mitchell Pro Neuro Hairdryer is a little on the expensive side but well worth the cost. With the extras it has like the microchip clean filter indicator, the LED display, the ergonomically designed slanted handle and the heat resistant silicone diffuser, it does give you a lot extra for what you pay.

The whole dryer has a protective coating which will prevent it from getting damaged if accidentally dropped. The Paul Mitchell Neuro dry is ideal for all hair types, especially great for thick medium to long hair.


Tourmaline ions
1875 watts
Long-lasting AC motor
Cool shot button
Clean Filter function
Exterior LCD display
Airflow/heat indicator
Removable filter
Rubber coated handle
Flush power buttons
Ergonomically designed handle
9 feet cord with hanging loop


No variable speed settings

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4. GHD Air Professional Performance

GHD Air Professional Performance Hair DryerThe GHD Air Professional performance hairdryer is a state of the art product which brings the salon experience to your home. It is a powerful dryer which was developed with the collaboration of top stylists in the industry. It dries the hair fast and has the ability to reduce frizz.

The Ionic technology will lock in moisture which will keep the hair silky and shiny with no fly away pieces or frizz. This professional strength hairdryer by GHD has a 1600 watt AC motor which is light and it is built to give you many years of service.

The ergonomically designed shape makes the GHD Air Professional comfortable to use and it is suitable for left or right-handed stylists.

The GHD Air Professional hairdryer comes with variable heat settings and two speeds. It also includes the cold shot switch which you can use to set the hair once it is styled. This dryer has 2 nozzles a concentrator for close contact and a diffuser with and adaptor ring to set curls into place and also features a 9-foot electrical cord. The GHD hairdryer is said to produce fast results even though the motor is only a 1600 watts. This is due to the advanced industrial ionic technology with the generator placed close to the nozzle. This close-up drying benefits the hair by emitting ions that will lock in moisture and make the hair smoother without any frizz.

The result will be faster drying times with flawless long-lasting style. It is the patented air filter which delivers high-pressure airflow that assists the hairdryer for quick drying. The variable temperature and power settings give you full control. There are 3 heat settings, 2 speeds, and the cold air button. The filter at the back can be removed for cleaning.

Make sure you remove the accumulated hairs and lint on a regular basis so that you GHD Air Professional dry stays efficient. Keeping it clean will also extend the life of your motor because it will not have to strain to produce the airflow.


Professional hairdryer
1600 Watt AC motor
Advanced ionic technology
Ergonomic design
2 speeds, 3 heat settings
Cool shot button
Universal diffuser
9ft cord



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5. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Hair DryerMade and engineered in Italy, the Elchim 3900 is one of the most powerful dryers in this category. This dryer uses Ionic and ceramic technology and has a 2000 watt Italian AC motor. The point of the Ionic ceramic technology is that it keeps the hair hydrated and shiny while the far infrared heat prevents the hair from overheating.

The Elchim 3900 is perfect for all types of hair, dries quickly and keeps the hair shiny and healthy. The dryer is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip which is especially important for hair stylists who use them for long periods of time.

The right combination of power, air flow and heat ensures that the Elchim 3900 reduces drying time by up to 30%. It is also lightweight and balanced with the air flow eliminating static electricity with the use of the ionic ceramic technology.

This hairdryer is quiet in comparison to other hairdryers in this category and comes with 2 accessories, both hair concentrators which fit onto the dryer with a quick lock system. These accessories are great to use when you want to concentrate the heat in a specific area and the one attachment is a nozzle for brushing.

The only thing missing from this great dryer is a diffuser which is important especially for people who have curly hair. The two in one cocoon diffuser can be bought separately.

The Elchim 3900 comes with great reviews with the only negative being the absence of the diffuser. People who have bought it were generally very pleased with how quick they can dry their hair with directed air flow, using one of the attachments,  which stops your hair blowing all over the place. If you ever wondered how stylists get your hair looking so smooth and shiny, it is not the shampoo or conditioner, it is a hairdryer and knowing how to use it.

With the Elchim 3900, you don’t have to be an expert, the technology and power guides you to dry your hair with an almost salon look. This dryer is a bit on the expensive side, but according to reviews is definitely worth it. You might initially spend a bit more than you wanted to but bear in mind that Elchim backs their product with a lifetime warranty.


Italian engineered
2000 Watt AC motor
Ion and ceramic technology
Ergonomically designed
2 attachments
Quick lock system
Quick Drying
No Frizz


No Diffuser

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6. RUSK Ceramic Dryer – Editor’s Choice

RUSK Ceramic DryerThe Rusk Professional hairdryer is considered to be one of the lightest available weighing less than one pound. Even though it is so light it has a whopping 2000 watt motor which makes it powerful enough for your drying needs.

The Rusk W8less professional dryer emits far-infrared heat waves that penetrate the hair deeply drying it from the inside out. This makes drying a lot quicker than hairdryers that do not use this technology. The Rust hairdryer is infused with tourmaline and ceramic which helps to keep the hair from frizzing giving you a shiny and silky, salon-like hairstyle.

The Rusk W8less Professional dryer is perfect for all lengths and all types of hair, but especially effective on difficult to dry, thick coarse hair. There are 7 variable heat and speed setting plus a cold shot button for setting the hair.

The filter at the back is removable for clearing of any lint accumulation. This is important if you want your hairdryer to work efficiently and if you want to promote the long life of the motor. The electrical cord is quite adequate at m long.

The RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer emits tourmaline far-infrared heat and negative ions which makes the heat gentler for the hair. At the same time, the ceramic emits not damaging heat that adds protection and dries the hair gently without causing any damage.

Styling your hair with the Rusk ceramic dryer will result in shiny and smooth hair. The negative ions break down water molecules, while the infrared heat penetrates with a gentle heat that will make the drying of your hair quick and easy.

The drier offers 3 heating settings and 2 different speeds with the cold shot button all housed together in this styled cubic finished dryer. You can toggle between the heat and speed settings until you find the right speed and temperature for your hair.

The rear filter is removable for cleaning which is important if you want to sustain the efficiency of this hairdryer and promote long life for the motor. The light ergonomically designed hairdryer from Rusk is easy on the arms and comfortable to hold. This is very important for a hair stylist who has to use a dryer for extended periods. The AC 2000 watt motor gives this dryer power but at the same time, it is quieter than most hair dryers even at high speed.


Extremely Light Weight
Infused with Ceramic and Tourmaline
Ions and Far-Infrared Heat
Negative Ions
Cool Shot button
7 Heat/Speed Settings
8′ Cord
Removable Rear Filter
Concentrator Nozzle
Emits Far-Infrared Heat


Does not have hanging hook
Does not have lock in place for accessories

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7. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium DryerThe BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Hairdryer is a powerful 2000 watts dryer that comes highly reviewed, even though it is a bit pricey. The BaByliss is a dryer that is suitable for straight or curly hair. It has a comfortable handle which makes it easy to hold even though it weighs 1.8 pounds. The powerful airflow dries hair quickly but stays cool to the touch so there is no danger of burning your hands or scalding your scalp.

The negative ions that are included with this dryer helps to reduce frizz leaving your hair silky and smooth. The Nano Titanium has integrated ion generator and the dryer comes with two directional nozzles and a diffuser. The electrical cord is a good size which gives you plenty of space to maneuver.

The BaByliss is fitted with a 2000 watt Italian motor which is meant to be very durable as long as you look after it. There are 6 speed and heat settings for various applications together with the three concentrators. The BaByliss also has the cold shot button to set the hair.

This is a great hairdryer, particularly for long and thick hair. It is considered to be one of the latest technology driers for professional and home use. Even though some thought it was a bit heavy for this category drier, many felt that the power made up for it as you would be done styling your hair faster.

This is also helped by the Nano Titanium that yields maximum far-infrared heat which dries the hair from the inside out causing no damage to the hair.

The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium hairdryer is a heavy duty medium sized dryer which packs a lot of power. The use of Nano technology and Titanium which is ideal for heat conductivity makes it possible to dry your hair quicker than most dryers. The 3 heat settings and the 2 speeds together with the cold blast can give you up to 6 different combinations of heat and speed.

The only negative found with the BaByliss is that the extra nozzles to not click and lock onto the hair dryer which can result in them falling off, especially as they get older.

If you compare this hairdryer with cheaper models you will find that the Titanium which is a great conductor or heat, dries the hair at a much faster pace and the technology of this dryer produces silky and smooth hair after every blow dry. As they say, you get what you pay for, and if you are prepared to pay that little bit extra and buy the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium dryer, you will probably find that in the long run it will last you much longer than the cheaper dryers you can find.


Nano Titanium Technology
2000 Watts
Ions reduce frizz & static
6 heat/speed settings
Removable filter for easy cleaning
Ergonomic handling
Cool shot button
Concentrator Nozzle


Nozzle pops off

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Buyer’s Guide

Never before has been so difficult to choose the right hairdryer for your hair. It used to be so easy in the old days when the only consideration was the wattage and perhaps the color!  Today it seems you need to have a degree in science to be able to understand all the fancy words that are brandied about. In this review, we will try to give you more insight to what it all means, once you get the hang of it you will be able to make an educated decision on which new tech hairdryer is for you.

You may think that these high tech hairdryers are beyond your reach, but not all of them are outrageously expensive. You have to think of this purchase as an investment because not only will the dryer last for years, it will also improve the overall health of your hair. The extra features that the new dryers possess will make it easier to dry and style your hair.

Here are all the points that you need to take into consideration


The higher the wattage the more power the hairdryer has. If the motor is too weak you will need more time to dry your hair which means excessive heat will toast your hair and make it frizzy. It’s not about the heat that the dryer wields, it is about the speed the heat is distributed. So what we are saying is that it is better to use high speed instead of high heat to dry your hair. Average wattage on hairdryers can vary from 1800 – 2000 watts. If you have long and thick hair opt for the higher wattage as this will help you dry your hair faster.


How much the hairdryer weighs is very important. You don’t want to buy an extra heavy dryer as this will be tiring to hold up with one arm for extended periods of time. This is not a minor detail and should be a real consideration especially for those who have joint pains or arthritis. You can find light dryers that weigh around one pound. They still come with all the latest technology and probably use a smaller motor in order to keep the dryer on the light side.

Ionic and Tourmaline Hairdryers

An ionic hairdryer is effective at dispersing water droplets from your hair shaft, which prevents them from soaking in and making your hair frizzy. These dryers also speed up the drying process. The tourmaline ionic hairdryer is even more efficient as it produces even more negative ions. The inside of the dryer is coated with this semi-precious mineral which can raise the price of the dryer dramatically. This type of hairdryer is suitable for thick and difficult to dry hair, it is not suitable for thin, flat or oily hair. When using this technology it is usually for smooth straight styles or with the use of a diffuser for curly hair. If you need volume this dryer is not suitable for you. The whole idea behind the tourmaline ionic dryers is that it disperses the water droplets and dries the hair faster which results in less frizz and quick drying. There is the Ionic and the Tourmaline Ionic dryer, the latter provides the most intense ionic treatment.

Ceramic or Porcelain

A ceramic or porcelain hairdryer is designed to gently distribute the heat in a uniform manner. This coating replaces plastic or metal heating elements inside the hairdryer resulting in an even distribution of heat which is not as harsh as the old hairdryers. The ceramic and porcelain can also distribute negative ions which will speed up the drying process. This type of dryer is perfect if you have fine hair that dehydrates quickly, this is the dryer for you.

Infrared technology

Some porcelain or ceramic hairdryers use far-infrared technology which means that they use long energy waves that penetrate the hair and dry it from the inside out. This technology is said to dry the hair a lot faster and reduce frizz.


Titanium is used more or less like ceramic or porcelain and coats the inside of the hairdryer which will help to distribute the heat evenly at a steady temperature. Titanium makes the dryer a lot hotter and it definitely speeds up the drying process. If your hair is sensitive to high heat don’t use this dryer. For thick and difficult to dry hair, this is an ideal hairdryer. Titanium dryers are lighter than the ceramic which makes them easy to handle for long periods of time.

Adjustable speed & heat

All hairdryers come with heat and speed adjustment. When drying your hair you need to be able to adjust these settings for your type of hair or style. Most dryers have a low, med and high setting. For fine hair, you will use the low heat setting, and as we go to thicker hair you would need to use the highest setting in order to dry your hair.

Cold button

The cold button is a burst of cold air which is meant to seal in the cuticles of the hair and locking in the style you are aiming for. For shiny straight hair, this is an important feature as a cool shot will set the hair and promote shine and no frizz. This function is normally used as you are getting to the end of blow drying your hair, approximately 80% so that it will complete your style without overheating your hair.


Most hairdryers come with at least two nozzles, the one is for directional heat and the other is a diffuser which is essential for curly hair. The diffuser takes hold of a little hair at a time locking in the curls without blowing the hair all over the place. The diffuser is also known as a volumizer as it helps to add volume to your hair. The best hairdryers have a lock-in mechanism for these attachments to keep firmly in place. If they just fit on the dryer with a twist and lock they do tend to fall off while you are using them. When using the nozzle with directional heat always point it down and never let it come in contact with your hair.


As hairdryers a widely used in all households on a very regular basis, it might be a good idea to invest in a good hairdryer that is the perfect solution for your type of hair. Spending a bit more on a hairdryer is justified as this is a long-term investment. A hairdryer is an essential appliance and you need to be able to use it with confidence and easy. Decide which type is the right one for you and take the plunge, you will not regret spending a bit more to get the right dryer for you.


For people with long, thick and difficult to dry hair, it is in your best interest to buy a Tourmaline Ionic hair dryer. If you have fine hair that tends to be a bit dry opt for the ceramic or porcelain dryer which is best for your type of hair. Titanium hair dryers are a luxury and they are ideal for thick and difficult hair. So, after all, is said and done, choosing the right type of hairdryer for your type of hair is no longer that difficult.

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