Best Inverter Generator 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

best inverter generatorWe can all agree that sudden power crashes are frustrating, especially when they happen due to the wind, ice storms or hurricanes. After rough weather conditions, all neighborhoods have problems with power outages.

The question is:

What should you do to stop this from ever happening?

You cannot control the weather, but you can equip yourself with appropriate tools that will help you cope with various issues.

Inverter generators are lightweight, compact and quieter than other BO Slot Online types of inverter generators available on the market.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best inverter generator review and buying guide 2021:

Model NameWattsPrice 
Honda EU1000i
1000 Watts
$$ Check Price
WEN 56200i
(Editor’s Choice)
2000 Watts$ Check Price
Westinghouse iGen2200
2200 Watts
$ Check Price
Champion 4000-Watt4000 Watts
$$ Check Price
Briggs & Stratton 30675A

6500 Watts$$$ Check Price
Generac 7117 GP2200i
2200 Watts$ Check Price
Champion 3100-Watt
3100 Watts$$$ Check Price

1. Honda EU1000i – Best 1000 Watt Inverter Generator

Honda EU1000iIf you want to choose a noiseless inverter generator that will provide you enough power to deal with blackout, you should consider Honda EU1000i inverter generator. It is quiet and operates under 60 dBA, which is one of the quietest on the market.

It is quite reliable when compared with other generators. The first thing that we are going to mention is that it can produce maximum power up to 1000 watts, which are 8.3 amps. However, manufacturer state that the running power can reach up to 900 watts.

Apart from AC that we have mentioned above, it can produce 8-amp, 96-watt, and 12-volt of DC. You will be able to charge the automotive battery, but you will only need appropriate charging cords.

It features hard plastic exterior, which will make the overall design lightweight and robust at the same time. Even though it contains low power spectrum when compared with other generators, it has the lightweight design of only 28.7 pounds.

The maximum fuel capacity is 0.6 gallons, and Situs Slot Gacor when you add the fuel, the overall weight goes around 32.5 pounds. The fuel tank can last up to 7 hours. Most people use it for camping purposes due to lightweight construction. It comes with a convenient handle so that you can carry it around without hassle.

It includes four-stroke engine, and therefore, you should use only 4-stroke engine oil for this particular generator. It is SAE 10W-30 so you can easily use it in a wide range of temperatures.

It uses gasoline with an octane rating of 86. You will be able to find the gasoline almost everywhere. Have in mind that gasoline should contain less than 5% of methanol and 10% ethanol.

It comes with a control panel, which is quite compact and simple to read. You can find various controls and presets on the panel such as an eco-throttle switch, which is a great way to adjust the speed of the engine and to increase efficiency. Parallel operation outlet preset is a great solution if you want to connect two units of the same model parallel to each other.

The main disadvantage is that you won’t be able to turn it on automatically or electrically. Therefore, you should turn the vent to on and turn it manually.


Lightweight and compact
Sturdy design that will stand the test of time
Highly portable
Eco throttle mode for greater efficiency


You have to use specific gasoline to make it work
Too pricey

Check Price At Amazon

2. WEN 56200i – Best Quiet Inverter Generator

WEN 56200iOne of the best inverter generators for domestic power needs or camping purposes is WEN 56200i generator. It includes amazing features that will provide you peace of mind for years after purchase.

It works on a high-quality 79.7cc four-stroke engine that features forced cooling system that will improve its efficiency and longevity. The maximum capacity of the fuel tank is one gallon, which means that the runtime can go up to 6 hours at half load and 4 hours at highest load.

You will get the dependent generator that will provide you the immersive amount of power that will last for a half day without any additional problem. It will keep your simple appliances and lights running in case of any harsh weather or power outage.

The motor has enough power to deliver running wattage of 1600 watts surge wattage up to 2000 Watts. Therefore, we can conclude by saying that engine is strong and it will handle most power needs, especially for your camping purposes.

The best thing about it and the main reason for its popularity is the lightweight and compact design that you will be able to carry around. It is completely portable, and it weighs only 48 pounds. The design is also compact, so you will be able to store it without using too much space after usage.

When it comes to noise levels, you can finally rest assured because it won’t disturb your neighbors when you crank it up. You don’t have to worry, because it runs on 55 dB at 75% load and 51 dB at 25% load, which is less sound than any other generator that you will find on the market.

It features variable engine speed based on the load, which Situs Slot Gacor 2022 means that you will be able to reduce noise levels. When compared with standard appliances, it is quieter than window air condition system.

It is quite economical, and you can enter the Eco-Mode through a switch on a control panel. The generator will match the speed with the load, and you will be able to use it for any load under 1000 Watts.

It is very simple to use due to the responsive control panel where you can choose basic operations. It features LED pointers that will show you Output voltage, Oil levels, and Overload. It also contains On/Off/Choke, and ESC Throttle switches.


The clean and safe energy that will protect your electronic gadgets
Extremely noiseless
Electronic Speed Control Feature will reduce fuel expenditure
Reliable for camping purposes
Lightweight and compact


It lacks oil within the box

Check Price At Amazon

3. Westinghouse iGen2200 – Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen2200In the last decade, the market for inverter generators grew rapidly because they are more compact and lightweight than traditional generators. At the same time, they have a cheaper price tag and more capable technology.

If you want to find a small generator that will provide you enough power to deal with device charging and essential lightning, you should choose Westinghouse iGen2200 inverter generator. It is stylish, comes from premium materials and has a high-quality design.

It is compact which will make the great first impression. At the same time, it lacks complex features and controls, which means that you will get an entry-level generator that can deliver reliable and clean power.

You will notice the lightweight construction that reaches up to 43 pounds. Finally, you will be able to use it wherever you want without too much hassle. It uses gasoline to power that you can find on any gas station. It is a way better solution than diesel power as large commercial generators.

It includes a 79cc engine that has the fuel capacity up to 1.3 gallons. This is higher capacity than other generators with the same size. Therefore, you will get a reliable generator that will serve you for many years after purchase.

When it comes to power, this particular inverter generator can Slot Gacor Hari Ini reach up to 2200 Watts, which is great if you want to power up large appliances that have a high startup. You will be able to use continuous and reliable power output of 1800 Watts.

In the case of Westinghouse iGen2200 inverter generator, you will get more significant fuel tank that will provide you immersive fuel efficiency that will allow it to work up to 10 hours with 25% load.

Of course, if you decide to run demanding appliances, you will reduce the runtime by up to four hours. This is great when compared with other inverter generators that you will find on the market, especially when it comes to efficiency.

Finally, we have to mention that you will get a quiet generator, which will produce up to 59 dB, which is less than air condition. It doesn’t matter if you use it for backup power or at the campsite, because noise levels won’t disturb anyone.


High power output when compared with other inverter generators with the same size
Low maintenance requirements
Simple to use
Portable and lightweight construction
Reliable fuel efficiency


It doesn’t have oil and fuel gauge and warning lights

Check Price At Amazon

4. Champion 4000-Watt – Best 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 4000-WattChampion 4000-Watt is one of the best portable generators that you will find on the market. The main reason for that is the combination of reliability and power that will provide you peace of mind during the camping or power shortage.

It is a great choice if you want to use it for campgrounds, construction sites as well in the household. It will provide you reliable and consistent power supply, which is a great solution and the main reason for its popularity.

First, we want to mention that it features power output that could reach up to 4000 watts. This is quite a significant amount of power that will provide you reliable and steady output with the rating of 3500 watts. The engine is Champion 196cc OHV protected within a cast iron sleeve.

The overall weight is 140 pounds and contains a combination of metal framing and eight-inch wheels that will make it portable without any additional problem. You don’t have to worry because it features EPA compliant carburetor, which means that you can use it in areas where there are environmental rules such as California.

Finally, you can rest assured because it features wireless and electronic start-up remote, so you will be able to do it from a distance up to 80 feet. You will get the appropriate batteries for remote within the package.

This is a major convenience when compared with other inverter generators on the market because you have to press a button to turn it on. Battery for remote is long lasting, and it doesn’t have to be in the line of sight to work. As the alternative way for starting it up, you will get pull-start lever, which is a great addition in case batteries for remote go dead.

You can choose three unique types of outlets with this particular generator: 120V twist lock, 120V duplex outlet, and RV receptacle. You will get overload protection, Intelli-gauge apparatus that will provide you information on hertz, voltage and operating hours as well as the low-oil sensor.

The gas tank can reach up to 3.8 gallons of capacity, which means that you will be able to use it for 12 hours at 50% load.


It features high-water resistance
Robust and durable construction
CARB compliant
Low noise level when compared with the power capacity
You can start it by using the remote controller


It lacks 240V outlet
Too expensive

Check Price At Amazon

5. Briggs & Stratton 30675A – One Of The Most Powerful Inverter Generators On The Market

Briggs & Stratton 30675AIf you want to find one of the most sophisticated generators on the market, we recommend you to consider Briggs & Stratton 30675A inverter generator. The best thing about this particular generator is that will provide you enough electricity to run the largest appliances that can reach up to 15,000 BTU.

It has peak start-up the power of 6500W, while it will provide you 5000W of continuous power. This is a great solution if you want to run large appliances because it has enough power to deal with microwave, refrigerators, lights, TV, and computers.

By using this particular inverter generator, you will get enough electricity that will supply all your needs. The great advantage is that you will get low Harmonic Distortion. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much load it functions, because it will provide you a clean and pure wave of power that won’t hurt your gadgets and sensitive electronic equipment.

Another great feature that you will get with it is that it has Quiet Power Technology (QPT) switch that will make it run on lower RPM in case that your power demand is not too high. That will reduce fuel consumption and make it quieter.

It features enclosed body, which is great because it will reduce noise levels. It has insulation panels that kill the noise and prevent it from escaping. When it produces 25% of power, the noise levels reach 66 dB, which is equivalent of a conversation.

You don’t have to worry about the fuel consumption, especially if you run it on 25% power load. It features 5-gallon capacity that will keep it running up to 14 hours at 25% load. Due to an appealing design, you will get a durable generator that features a steel frame and shock resistant plastic covers.

The plastic is also great because it will protect it from dust and moisture. The overall weight is 128-pounds, which is not that lightweight, but you will get large and robust wheels as well as the telescopic handle. You don’t have to worry, because handle comes from tough steel, which makes it comfortable to move around.

In overall, Briggs & Stratton 30675A inverter generator is a great solution for everyone who wants capable and powerful inverter generator that will easily power up the entire house in case of a blackout.


A great deal of power
LED indicator light
Robust construction
Noiseless due to plastic covers
Large wheels for simple portability


Too expensive

Check Price At Amazon

6. Generac 7117 GP2200i – Portable Inverter Generator

Generac 7117 GP2200iGenerac 7117 GP2200i inverter generator is one of the best solutions on the market especially if you want to use it for camping and tailgating. It will provide you with enough power to power up your stereo, TV and few other appliances with pure, inverted power.

Even though it doesn’t have significant power capabilities in the form of watts/amps, you will gain consistent power all the way through the maximum. The first thing that we have to mention is that you will gain 1700W of running power and the peak wattage that can reach up to 2200W.

It is modern looking inverter generator with compact dimensions. Manufacturers had in mind the portability while designing it, which means that you will get the generator that weighs only 46.6 pounds. You will be able to carry it around with one hand, which is the main reason why people who enjoy in camping choose this particular generator.

It includes 80cc, OHV engine, which is way smaller than other generators on the market and it uses less gas too. It features 1.2-gallon gas tank, which will keep it working up to seven hours at 50% load. This is quite impressive because you will gain 5 kilowatt-hours per gallon of gas.

Some users state that they can get up to 12 hours of working with a tank of gas for normal purposes. The fuel efficiency depends on how much electricity you want to run with it.

Similar to other inverter generators, it contains smart throttle (eco-mode) that will reduce engine emissions and noise levels. The engine contains low oil shutoff, which will protect it from leakage.

The main disadvantage is that it features only recoil started, which is common for the generators of its size. The control panel contains sturdy plastic covers that will protect it. Finally, you don’t have to worry because it features 1.5A USB outlet as well as 12V DC auxiliary outlet perfect for your vehicle.

In overall, Generac 7117 GP2200i inverter generator is a great solution that will provide you consistent power and capabilities to power up small appliances during the power shortage. It is also great for outdoor use because it is lightweight, compact and robust.


Compact and lightweight
Durable construction
Fuel efficient
Affordable price tag


Not enough power for big appliances

Check Price At Amazon

7. Champion 3100-Watt – Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 3100-WattIf you want to choose on-to-go inverter generator that will provide you clean current for your appliances, you should choose Champion 3100-Watt inverter generator. When we compare it with previous 2000-Watt version, it is CARB compliant, and it will provide you more power to handle more significant appliances.

This particular inverter generator can deliver up to 3100-watts peak power while the running power can reach up to 2800-Watts. It will provide you enough power to handle most tools and devices you have as well as a refrigerator in case of power outage.

It contains 4-stroke engine with 171cc in OHV design. It is quite reliable, and it can reduce heat efficiency which will lead to better fuel consumption and prolonged life. When compared with the previous version, it has twice as much power, but that also means more noise and weight.

The fuel tank capacity is 1.6 gallons, which is the standard when compared with other inverter generators on the market. The gasoline that you should use must have 85% octane and less than 10% ethanol content.

You can expect the runtime, with the fuel tank, up to 8.5 hours with 25% load. You can easily run it overnight in case that you want to keep your refrigerator active. It features an economy switch that will give you the possibility to power down the engine in case that you don’t need too significant load.

In common generators, the engine always run at the same speed, which means that it will use the same amount of fuel all the time. This particular feature is great because it will conserve energy consumption.

Of course, you have to press the economy switch on the control panel. In case that you have more than one device plugged in, but you don’t require too much power, you can activate the economy switch and the generator will immediately power down.

This will provide you low fuel consumption and less noise than before. It features standard pull-cord recoil started, and the handle is on the front of the unit so that you won’t miss it. Most users stated that you would need only one pulls to get it running.


CARB compliant
Noiseless operation at 58 dB
Fuel efficient
Ergonomic handle
Efficient and consistent power


It doesn’t have dual connectivity
Lack of gas drain

Check Price At Amazon

Best Inverter Generator Buying Guide 2021

You probably wanted to purchase a generator that will produce the clean and thorough electricity in case of harsh weather and power outages. The biggest factor in choosing best inverter generator are power output, size, and fuel efficiency.

For example, you may need to create a thorough understanding of what purposes you want to use the generator before you make up your mind. Is the question whether you need enough power for domestic situations or to power up the small business? Or maybe you will need enough power to maintain the entire industry running?

If you want to purchase a generator that will provide you the significant power to power up entire productions, we recommend you to go for different type of generator. Inverter generators can produce up to 4000 watts of electric power, which is enough for camping and domestic purposes.

What Is Inverter Generator?

You probably know that there are differences between conventional and inverter generators. The first thing that you will notice is that typical generators are quite large, and use petrol or propane fuels. At the same time, it uses fuel to power motor that works with alternator to produce electricity.

On the other hand, inverter generators use modern and reliable techniques of creating electricity. They use three-phase generators to produce alternating current or AC. The AC or alternating current becomes direct current or DC, and finally, it converts itself back into an alternating current. This particular three-phase process creates stable and clean electricity.

Things To Consider When Buying Inverter Generator


You should have in mind that Inverter Generators have less capacity than standard generators, which means that you won’t be able to power the entire household with one Inverter. Therefore, you should choose the generator that can run the essential items in the household:

The lights

Water heater

The stove

You should always check the user manual and product information that you will get the package. That way, you can make sure that the generator has enough power to handle most electric devices and gadgets. In most cases, product information will provide you the wattage appliances need for normal activity during an electric brake.

Size and Weight

One of the most significant features that make Inverter Generator different than other generators is the size. We recommend you to consider finding the inverter that will have enough weight and size so that you can handle it. Of course, if you want to use it for camping trips, you don’t need a large generator, but find the one you can carry around without any additional problem.

Check whether the generator has an ergonomic handle because that way you will be able to move it around with ease. If you need a heavier generator, you should purchase the one with wheels so that you can move it around.

Apart from the size, the weight is also essential consideration before you make a purchase. The overall weight will also affect the portability. In most cases, weight can vary between 44 pounds and 240 pounds for the strongest generators. The idea is to reduce the hassle of carrying it around, especially if you want to use it for outdoor activities.


We can all agree that inverter generators are the best way to deal with emergency situations. It is essential to understand how reliable your generator is going to be. The best thing about Inverter generator is that you will always have the clean and reliable current that won’t affect electric equipment around your household.

You don’t want to purchase Inverter Generator that will break down in case of emergency. That is why we recommend you to choose an inverter from popular and well-known brands that we’ve mentioned above.

You should check specifications that will tell you the exact run time, but you should be careful while reading because some runtime figures are not for a full load. Most inverters can run at least 8 hours at half capacity, and 4 hours at full capacity. However, there are more expensive and high-end models that will have greater running time.


Even though conventional generators will provide much more noise than Inverted Generators, you should check the decibel levels before you make a purchase. The sound and noise is the important factor that will influence most people. For example, some generators may chug while others hum.

It is best to check decibel meter and to measure actual loudness, as well as loudness at the half and full power.


The idea is to get the value for the money and to get perfect power to money ratio. Even though the prices can vary between $250 and $1000; these prices are not the great guide in finding a practical and high-quality generator.

The best way to determine whether the generator will fit your needs is to find reliable product review, such as this, to help you understand all factors that will fit your use. You should ask yourself these questions:

Does Inverter Generator you want to buy have wattage that will run several devices for eight hours?

Does Inverter Generator you want to buy fits into your budget?

Does Inverter Generator you want to buy has good maneuverability?

Does Inverter Generator you want to buy is reliable and has a good reputation?

Does Inverter Generator you want to buy has quality components that will stand the test of time?

These factors are essential to answer on especially if you want to make a quality purchase.

Additional Features To Consider:

CARB Compliance

You should check and find a generator that is CARB compliant, especially if you live in locations that have laws against using tools that make harmful emissions. They will still produce some amount of pollutants, but fewer emissions, which is great for states that have EPA compliant laws.

Sine Wave

You should check whether generators have Sin Wave that will provide you the clean current for household appliances. In case that your generator runs on Pure Sine Wave, this is a more expensive solution, but it will provide you greater capacity.

Wireless Start

We can all agree that lever start is frustrating, especially in situations without electricity. However, choosing an inverter generator with wireless remote start will provide you the convenience of starting or stopping the generator from a distance up to 80-feet. When you have a generator at a distance, it will sound much quieter. You will find this particular feature only in high-end models, while most models have pull/recoil start.

Parallel Operation

The great thing about Inverter Generator is that it can pair it up with the same model to gain more wattage. At the same time, you will get less noise than conventional generators, but with enough power to handle an entire household.


We have presented your thorough review and buying a guide on best inverter generators that you can find on the market. As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, finding the appropriate generator is a daunting task that requires prior investigation.

At the same time, there are many different models based on specific needs, which means that you should consider what you would need a generator before you make a purchase. Generators are a great way to deal with power shortages and blackouts without spending too much money.

If you have anything to add or to ask us, feel free to comment in the section below, and we will answer you on short notice.


Finding the best inverter generator is challenging task that requires prior research and knowledge. The idea is to get the right information because that will be useful and help you make a quality purchase. That is the main reason why we decided to present you best inverter generator review and buying guide 2021. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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