Best Robot Vacuum Under 150

Best Robot Vacuum Under 150We all know that robots are the part of a sci-fi perspective, but when it comes to vacuum cleaners, it has been a reality for years now.

Robot vacuums are not novelties anymore; it is a common appliance that you can use for household chores.

The idea is that you can find numerous different types and models, and even though some high-end models can have a significant price tag, today, you can see the ones that will provide you a combination of decent performance for the affordable price tag.

We are not kidding, and that is the main reasons why you should stay with us to check out reviews and buying a guide on the best robot vacuum under $150:

Model NameVacuum Operation Run-TimeBatteryPrice 
Pure Clean PUCRC9590 Minutes1500 mAh$$ Check Price
Mooka Robot Vacuum Cleaner
(Editor’s Choice)
120 Minutes2600 mAh$$$ Check Price
Magicelec Robotic Vacuum Cleaner60-90 Minutes1500 mAh$$ Check Price
Housmile Robot Vacuum Cleaner
90 Minutes2600 mAh$ Check Price

1. Pure Clean PUCRC95

Pure Clean PUCRC95

It is essential to start by saying that Pure Clean PUCRC95 affordable robot vacuum is not some technologically advanced model, but for the price tag, you will gain basic features that will provide you enjoyment along the way.

It comes with two sweepers that are located on each side, and they are supposed to catch dust and dirt inside of it and transfer it into dustbin inside.

This particular model does not feature a cleaning brush, which means that hair will tangle all over it so you can avoid maintaining it after each operation.

You can rest assured because the HEPA filtration system will reduce the amount of dirt and debris in the air that causes asthma and allergies. This particular unit features navigation sensors that will prevent it from falling and help it avoid obstacles.

It is great for hardwood floors, marble, and tiles and it can handle pet hair as well as large debris. However, it is not efficient when it comes to cleaning carpeting surfaces.


It features schedule ability
Decent for the price tag
Cheap solution for additional convenience
It can clean hardwood floors
It can quickly deal with pet hair


It is not efficient when it comes to carpeting surfaces

Check Price At Amazon

2. Mooka Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Mooka Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Most people think that robot vacuums feature high price tag, and for some of them, that is a fact. However, in the last few years, you can find numerous brands that will provide you with decent features for the affordable price.

If you wish to find ultra-budget robot vacuum, you should consider Mooka Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Of course, you cannot expect all the features that you will get with expensive models, but it will provide you with a perfect job when it comes to cleaning your floor.

You do not require advanced features so that you can cleanse your household from pet hair and dust. It will need more time than other vacuums to finish a room, but it will provide you with peace of mind.

It comes with cleaning features such as roller brush, side brushes as well as the anti-drop sensor, high-quality filters, sizable bin, and strong battery life. In overall, it is a decent choice that you can find on the market, but it does not come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which is the main disadvantage.


Perfect value for the money
Multiple cleaning modes
Simple to maintain and use
The long-lasting battery that could last up to two hours
HEPA filter for additional cleansing


It doesn’t come with Wi-Fi connectivity and native app

Check Price At Amazon

3. Magicelec Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Magicelec Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Cheap robot vacuums will not provide you with high-end features, but they will do a decent job when it comes to cleaning your household and a wide array of surfaces.

Magicelec Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with 1000Pa suction power so that you can quickly clean carpeting and catch dust and dirt from low and medium-pile carpets.

Even though it comes with limited features, you can also enjoy in wet mopping, which is suitable for hard floors, and it is unique when compared with other affordable robot vacuums. Due to side brush, you can quickly clean corners and tight areas that you could not with a regular vacuum cleaner.

However, it does not come with a path planning feature, and it contains a random pattern so it will take a bit longer to cleanse everything when compared with vacuums that come with a mapping feature. It is an excellent choice for small to medium houses.

According to the user, the main disadvantages are lack of HEPA filter, which most robot vacuums feature as well as the inability to connect on the internet so that you can control it remotely from a native application.

In overall, you can easily purchase a decent robot vacuum for the cheap price tag.


Strong suction power
Affordable price tag
Perfect for corners due to side brushes
Durable battery
Wet mopping feature


It lacks a HEPA filtration system

Check Price At Amazon

4. Housmile Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Housmile Robot Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to Housmile Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you will not get high-end features such as expensive brands that you can find on the market. It also lacks a remote control, scheduling features, and walls of beacons.

Nevertheless, we are not here to tell you its disadvantages, but to help you determine why this particular vacuum is excellent for your needs especially if you have a limited budget and wish to avoid the inconvenience of conventional cleaners.

First thing is its convenience when it comes to usage, you will need approximately one minute to setup it, and you do not have to use the app or connect it with the router. Just press the power button, and it will start moving, and you will find another button so that you can choose a cleaning mode.

It is vital to do not underestimate its ability to clean since it is cheap, because it does not have to be that smart to wipe your floor.

It is sturdy and quiet due to a motor that will efficiently pick up 99% of dust. It is also great for pet hair, but in case you have heavy shedders, it will struggle.


Simple to use and operate
Reliable and strong
It is not expensive when compared with other robot vacuums
Large dust bin that you can easily remove
Appropriate battery life


You won’t get advanced features and programmable cleaning schedules

Check Price At Amazon

Best Robot Vacuum under $150 Buying Guide

Does Size Matter?

We are living in the future, so it is normal to see a vacuum cleaner that does everything by itself.

Even though they are convenient, you will not be able to replace upright and deep cleaning vacuums, but it will still help you pick things such as pet hair, food crumbs and other particles that we leave on the floor. The idea is to consider how big your house is before you decide to make a purchase.

Since most of them function on battery, you should check out the battery life and compare it with your house and the pace of cleaning so that you can determine the best choice on the market. Some of them work in small environments such as townhomes and apartments, while other heavy-duty models can quickly clean up to two thousand square feet.

You should also figure out how much room you have under the furniture so that you can see whether a robot can pass through them.

Some vacuums are four-inch-tall, and they cannot fit under beds and dressers when compared with other models. On the other hand, finding a smaller one will help you navigate through narrow areas with ease.

What Kind Of Battery Life Do I Need?

When it comes to battery life, you should have in mind that it is essential only if you have a large home. It only matters up to a point where you can determine whether its entire cleaning session could complete things around your house in a single charge.

Most robot vacuums can clean up to two hours, while some advanced models can last a few minutes more. Some of them will navigate back to the base station as soon as their battery gets empty, charge up and finish with cleaning as quickly as possible.

Are Smart Features Important?

Of course, the idea of having a robot vacuum is to avoid doing it yourself and to be able to schedule everything and enjoy all the way.

However, the idea is to get your apartment clean without breaking a sweat, which means that you do not require smart features.

On the other hand, the internet is something that will help you with additional convenience since most advanced models feature native app control and you can set programs and power through a mobile device.

On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, you do not need Wi-Fi connectivity, because most robot vacuums that we have mentioned above come with remote controls that use alkaline batteries.


As you can see from everything, we have mentioned above, the idea of entry-level and affordable robot vacuums is not the fairy tale, but the reality.

Therefore, you can spare a few hundreds to get a decent helper for pet hair and food crumbs, but most of them do not come with a smart feature.

These robot vacuums are perfect for people with a tight budget especially if you do not wish to spare a few thousand dollars to get a high-end model that will do everything instead of you.

The technology changed, so today, everyone could have a robot in his or her homes, and you should start with the vacuum cleaner. We recommend you to comment on your thoughts and experiences in the section below so that you can help other people choose. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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