【Best Robot Vacuum 2021】 – Best Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

best robot vacuumIn the last few decades, the idea of a robot vacuum that autonomously cleans the floor around you seemed like science fiction.

However, nowadays, you can find numerous types that will give you peace of mind. When they first entered stores, they weren’t that efficient.

Since the advancement in technology rapidly changed in the last few years, models that you can find on the market are pretty good.

Of course, most of them come with a high price tag, but you will get the automatic piece of equipment that will finish all the frustrating chores that you had to do.

We decided to present you best robot vacuum review and buying guide 2021:

Model Name Price 
iRobot Roomba 960
(Editor’s Choice)
High-End Performance Features$$ Check Price
ECOVACS DEEBOT N79SAffordable Price Tag$ Check Price
iRobot Roomba 980
The Most Intuitive Robot Vacuum$$$ Check Price
eufy RoboVac 11Best Entry Level Robot Vacuum$ Check Price
Shark ION ROBOT 720

Self-Maintaining and Cleaning Features$$ Check Price
iRobot Roomba 650
The First Robot Vacuum$ Check Price
iRobot Roomba 877
The Most Powerful Robot Vacuum$$ Check Price

1. iRobot Roomba 960 – Best Robot Vacuum With High-End Performance Features

iRobot Roomba 960If you want to find the robot vacuum that is the primary example of the great automatic vacuum cleaner, you should consider iRobot Roomba 960 robot vacuum.

It is not the most expensive model, but it is close to the high end. It shares features such as a camera for navigation, compatibility with smartphones and native app with cleaning maps and reports, voice control, and many more.

It features a light gray body and measures 13.8 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height. It includes a control panel with Spot Cleaning, Home, and Clean buttons. Indicator lights are a great addition so that you can control everything without any additional problem.

Underneath, there are essential components such as a side brush, two roller brushes, front-wheel, and cliff sensors. The dustbin is on the back, and you can remove it with just a push of a button. It weighs 8.5 pounds and features a battery that can work for an hour and a half.

It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and iRobot Home app that you can install from Google Play or App Store. You will be able to run through the setup process just by connecting it. It is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

It features the Cleaning Preferences menu so that you can customize the number of times that it cleans one room. In the Lifetime Performance menu, you will be able to check detailed real-time stats of each session such as total area cleaner and power usage.

Due to the map feature, you will get a map of the area where it vacuumed. However, you won’t be able to steer it by using the app. Even though the most common procedure is random cleaning patterns, but this particular one has a more methodical approach.

Due to strong and high-quality sensors, it will maneuver obstacles and furniture with ease. You will still have to clear the floor from liquids and cables before you set it up, but you don’t have to worry about damaging your furniture.

It is compatible with a wide array of floor types. It doesn’t matter if the floor has geometric shapes, because it will deal with it without trouble.

In overall, iRobot Roomba 960 robot vacuum is not cheap, but when compared with more expensive types, you will get a decent robot vacuum that will increase the convenience in your household.


Great navigation capabilities
Can handle different floor types
It features a smartphone app
Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa


Too expensive

Check Price At Amazon

2. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S – Best Robot Vacuum With Affordable Price Tag

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79SIf you want to find robot vacuum that includes a lot of features and an affordable price tags, you should consider Ecovacs Deebot N79S robot vacuum.

Apart from being cheap, it will provide you long battery life and the possibility to steer manually. It contains all features that high-end models include such as Amazon Alexa compatibility.

When it comes to design, it is 13.9-inches in diameter, which is similar to other robot vacuums that you can find on the market. However, it is relatively short with only 3.3-inches, but that is great because it can fit low clearance furniture.

It includes an Auto Clean button as well as a Wi-Fi indicator light so that you can control it with ease. The power switch is on the side while it contains infrared sensors and a dustbin on the back.

The robot and charging cradle comes with a remote controller with a monochrome screen. It features the Charge button and Auto-Clean. You can also steer the vacuum by using the directional pad and click for start or pause.

It comes with Ecovacs app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. If you want to use all features, you have to install this particular app. First, you have to set the robot from the list and press the Wi-Fi button on the remote. Then it is important to enter home’s password, and that will connect it to the wireless network.

As soon as you connect it, you will notice robot status on the app screen as well as the remaining battery life. You can enter the directional pad so that you can steer it from the phone. You can also choose different cleaning modes. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, which is a great addition to its price tag.

It is quite powerful, and it can easily suck up crumbs, hair, and dust from any floor. When it comes to maneuvering, it can easily navigate through common obstacles and deal with different floor types.

In some overcrowded areas, it can stick, and when that happens, it will emit a loud beep, which means that it requires help. The convenience is that you will be able to control it from the mobile app, which is quite handy if you’re not at home.

Overall, Ecovacs Deebot N79S robot vacuum is a great solution for people who want to purchase an affordable and powerful robot vacuum cleaner. It has some minor navigation issues, but that is not problematic when you have in mind that you can control it by using the mobile app.


Affordable price tag
App control
Powerful performance
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
Long battery life


It can stick in overcrowded rooms

Check Price At Amazon

3. iRobot Roomba 980 – One Of The Most Intuitive Robot Vacuums

iRobot Roomba 980iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum is one of the latest models that entered the market. It will provide you one of the longest battery lives when compared with other robot vacuums. It has high-quality sensors that will notice every furniture leg and minor obstacle.

The design is similar to any Roomba vacuum cleaner. A circular device features black trimming and sci-fi design. Due to round shape, it cannot reach narrow corners such as other D-shaped robot vacuums.

The overall dimensions are 13.9-inches in diameter and 3.6-inches in height, which is great because it can clean under the table or sofa without any additional problem. It is also lightweight with only 8.7 pounds so that everyone can carry it around. It comes with a built-in carrying handle, which is another advantage for mobility.

You can find the Home button on the left of the vacuum as well as Spot Clean on the right and the Clean button in the middle. It features a companion app that you can install on both Android and iOS devices. The app is a great solution, especially because you will be able to schedule when it cleans and to operate when it gets stuck manually.

You can determine the mode it’s in by checking the indicator lights, which are above the Clean button. It also features a Wi-Fi logo so that you can see the connection status. On the bottom, it contains a floor tracking sensor as well as a spinning side brush and rotating brushes.

It uses the latest technology based on algorithms that we know as VSLAM, and it will help it track and map the area simultaneously. It contains a camera pointed up and forward and it will snap a picture to create a map, and then the algorithm will determine the best path based on the area and objects around it.

As soon as you press the Clean button, it will start to sing a jungle, which is convenient for most people. It can handle most surfaces without any additional problems. However, it lacks power when cleaning pet hair.

The biggest disadvantage of this particular robot vacuum is the loudness because it reaches 70 decibels. At the same time, it is not capable of cleaning edges and corners due to the round shape.

In overall, iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum is a great solution that will help you deal with floor cleaning without too much hassle. It has plenty of features that will make a vacuum cleaning a piece of cake. Of course, it has some disadvantages, but overall, you will get a part of the future inside your home.


Simple to use the companion app
Includes HEPA filters
The perfect solution for the transition to automatized floor cleaning
Can easily clean under the sofa due to low height
The most intuitive robot vacuum on the market


Too Loud
It cannot clean corners due to the circular design

Check Price At Amazon

4. eufy RoboVac 11 – Best Entry Level Robot Vacuum On The Market

eufy RoboVac 11We can all agree that vacuum cleaning is a frustrating chore that you would avoid. Imagine the possibility to control a robot that will finish everything for you. Yes, we live in that reality.

Finally, you can rest assured and enjoy it because eufy RoboVac 11 robot vacuum is one of the best choices on the market when it comes to automated home gadgets. Even though it is quite expensive and you’ll have to spare a small fortune, but you will get a piece of science fiction in your very home.

The design is similar to any other robot vacuum, which means that it won’t take too much space. The design is circular, and it features a bumper on a front that will reduce the chances of damaging when bumping into furniture. At the same time, the bumper will protect your belongings too.

It contains an attractive control panel and the possibility to work well in crowded areas. The bumper is a great addition because it tends to bump on lots of things in your house. Therefore, the sensor is not efficient as other robot vacuums that we have mentioned above.

You can find the power switch on the front and one on the back, which is quite useful especially if you want to turn it off. When it comes to weight, you will get a bulky gadget that contains wheels, and it can roll on its own without any additional problem. It can easily work on various floors such as laminate, carpet, and tiles.

You should have in mind that this particular robot vacuum won’t be able to reach and fit into smaller places and areas. Due to its height, it will go to your table and sofa, but if you have a significant carpet, it won’t be able to reach.

The process of emptying is simple, and you will be able to do it with ease. It doesn’t require expensive dumpers, which is the common thing among other robot vacuums. Apart from being affordable, you will get a decent cleaning performance.

Overall, eufy RoboVac 11 robot vacuum won’t perform like other robot vacuums that we have mentioned above. Therefore, you will get limited usage and possibility to slightly clean your house, but for some areas, you will have to do it yourself.


Affordable price tag
Practical design
Impressive cleaning performance for the price
It requires cheap dumpers
It can easily reach under sofas or tables


It cannot reach narrow areas due to a circular shape

Check Price At Amazon

5.  Shark ION ROBOT 720 – Best Robot Vacuum With Self-Maintaining and Cleaning Features

Shark ION ROBOT 720When it comes to tradition, Shark is one of the most prominent appliance manufacturers in North America. They gained recognition for making efficient steam mops and upright vacuums. After the trend of robotic vacuums became popular, they created a model that stayed ahead of the competition.

Shark ION ROBOT 729 automated vacuum cleaner contains a high tensile brush roll and two spinning brushes for perfect suction of debris and dirt along the way. It has the power to deal with different types of hair and can reach areas where other robot vacuums cannot.

It includes high-quality sensors that will help it navigate through hard floors and carpets while avoiding obstacles in the way. It contains both a remote controller and onboard control panel so that you can direct it back to the charging dock.

The remote comprises the ability to choose different cleaning schedules on a daily basis. It includes a lithium-ion battery that will produce energy and give it a possibility to clean for an hour with full capacity. The battery indicator is transparent, and it will let you know how much juice you’ve left.

The main hassle with a robot vacuum was cleaning the brush roll, but with this particular one, you will spend less time in maintenance and more time in enjoyment.

The best thing about it is self-maintaining brush roll that will remove debris and hair from corners, which is a unique feature when compared with other robot vacuums on this particular list.

The design is quite compact, and it measures 12.6 inches in diameter and 2.6 inches in height, which is perfect for cleaning under beds, chairs, tables, and furniture. It weighs only 5.5 pounds, and you can move it around without experiencing problems.

Sensors are great because it will help it move around without kicking obstacles and damaging your furniture. At the same time, they will prevent it from falling staircases and collisions.

Even though it controls itself, you will have to adjust lights, which is the common thing for any robot vacuum. You will have to remove dustbin and throw debris and dust in the garbage can. You can easily slide it back together, and you don’t have to worry because it features a HEPA filter that will remove dust.

In overall, Shark ION ROBOT 729 automated vacuum cleaner is a great solution for people who want to make the transition to robot vacuuming. It is convenient and straightforward, but it requires a significant investment.


High-end sensors that will reduce collision
The perfect height that will allow it to clean under beds and sofas
Self-maintaining brush roll
Compact and lightweight
Straightforward remote control



Check Price At Amazon

6. iRobot Roomba 650 – The First Robot Vacuum Cleaner On The Market

iRobot Roomba 650If you want to choose one of the best robot vacuum cleaners that will help you and give you peace of mind, you should consider iRobot Roomba 650 automatic vacuum cleaner.

Even though it is one of the first models, it is quite a capable device that will help you in your house.

It doesn’t have a modernistic design like other iRobot vacuum cleaners that we have mentioned above, but you will get features such as a companion app and Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is one of the original models that brought this idea to the public and since then people from all over the world decided to use automatic vacuums in their houses.

You probably know that iRobot is the first company that made robot vacuums. Therefore, they created a standard for the design and aesthetical appearance.

You will get it the cleaner in a circular style with gray trimmings and industrial perspective. It features a handle so that you can move it around without hassle.

It comes with a cleaning tool, replacement filter, and charger that you can plug directly inside of it and charge it. It uses two C-cell batteries, and it contains infrared sensors that will allow it to see and avoid obstacles.

You will see a Clean button on the control panel, which will light up yellow when it is charging and green when it is ready to clean.

You can control it by a control panel that also includes buttons that can start Spot Cleaning mode, which enters deep cleaning for dirty and more demanding assignments. You can set the time and date on the control panel and schedule cleaning.

It uses dual rotating brushes; filtered dustbin and edge-sweeping brushes, which later became standard among robot vacuums from other manufacturers. It is quite fast when compared with other cleaners on the market, but it will need some time to deal with a pile of debris.

When we compare it with more affordable vacuums, it has a great ability to pick up pet hair. It contains a 3000 mAh battery that will last for an hour and a half without any additional problem.

Overall, iRobot Roomba 650 automatic vacuum cleaner is a great solution if you want to find one of the pioneers of automated vacuum cleaners. Even though it passed some time from it entered the market, it is still a great solution, and it comes with a more affordable price tag than other iRobot vacuums.


Thorough cleaning procedure
Simple to schedule cleaning
 A perfect performance when it comes to cleaning carpets
Minimalistic design


It is not efficient for pet hair

Check Price At Amazon

7. iRobot Roomba 877 – One Of The Most Powerful Robot Vacuums On The Market

iRobot Roomba 877If you want to find an affordable robot vacuum that can handle heavy-duty assignments such as pet hair, you should choose iRobot Roomba 877 robot vacuum cleaner.

It features powerful suction performance that is most effective when it comes to cleaning pet hair and other debris from carpets and hard floors. It also includes a reusable filter and dustbin that you can remove in a matter of seconds.

Apart from sensors, you will get a sturdy pair of wheels that will help it navigate around your home without too much hassle. It features a virtual barrier that will allow you to program a cleaning schedule or to direct it in spot manually.

The robot works with a lithium-ion battery that will provide you a significant working time and short recharging. You have to push a button, and the robot vacuum will drive to the charging block. It will do it on its own when the battery reaches a critical point.

iRobot Roomba 877 contains excellent suction capabilities, which are five times stronger than the previous 600 and 700 series. The suction will direct debris and dirt into a single path, which means that loose particles won’t fly away. At the same time, a durable robot vacuum will last for years after purchase.

When it comes to brushing rolls, it contains two tangle-reducing brush rolls that will rotate toward each other and pick as much debris as possible during the cleaning. This self-preserving method will protect the robot from cloth and breakage.

It comes with streamline controls so that you can do everything on the robot itself without using apps. Of course, it comes with the app too, which is a versatile solution for controls. You can select a clean auto session from the control panel and schedule everything without too much hassle.

It has several sensors that will protect it from running into furniture or falling stairs. Sensors will stop collisions before they even happen. The sensor will also lead the robot to ultra-dirty areas that have priority for cleaning.

The sensors will also help it move through the best path while avoiding obstacles. The height is 3.5 inches, which means that it can easily clean under furniture. In the addition, it comes with a bumper from soft material so that it won’t make scratches to your personal belongings.

In overall, iRobot Roomba 877 robot vacuum cleaner is a great solution if you want to purchase one of the best robot cleaners on the market. You can easily rest assured and let it work for one hour straight before it goes to charging by itself.


User-friendly control panel
It features bumper that will protect your furniture
Intuitive sensors for cleaning without damage
Perfect for both hard floors and carpets


Too pricey

Check Price At Amazon

Best Robot Vacuum Buying Guide 2021

Finding the best robot vacuum is a daunting task that requires previous research and a thorough understanding of all its features. It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood or carpet, or pets, you can find the appropriate robot vacuum.

We decided to present your a guide on how to choose a robot vacuum:

What To Do Before You Start Researching:

Check your house and write everything down. What kind of floor you have? Is it carpet or hardwood? Do you have pets and what is the size of your house? These factors are essential because it will help you narrow your search.

Consider the budget you’re willing to spend. Most robot vacuums come between $200 and $1000 and above.

Why Do You Want A Robot Vacuum?

We can all agree that robots are the future, and that is the fact. We will live in a world where the car will drive themselves; drones will fly the sky, and robot vacuums will help us deal with cleaning chores.

However, you should have in mind that robot vacuums still cannot replace a traditional, upright vacuum, but it will help you deal with crumbs, pet hair, and other debris we leave of the floor.

People mostly use it in office spaces, because you don’t have to pay someone to do it and it is difficult to do it yourself especially if you’re on a deadline. You can easily schedule them to run once or several times a day or week, especially if they come with companion apps.

Layout and Design Of Your House

If you want to be effective and to purchase an appropriate robot vacuum, you should consider checking the materials and designs you’re using in the house. In case you have lots of carpets, then you should find a model that has a soft finish and great performance.

In case you have some areas that have other materials such as wooden tiles, then you have to check whether the model can deal with a wide array of surfaces.

It is also important to consider the design and shape of the area you’re living in because that will determine the choice of your robot vacuum.

If you have many stairs, you should find the one that has high-quality sensors to avoid various obstacles and falling.

The Amount Of Vacuuming

This is also an essential factor that you have to consider, and it depends on the surface area. In case you have a large living area, you have to find a robot vacuum that has a sufficient amount of capacity.

Most vacuum cleaners use a rechargeable battery, so you should consider checking whether it can handle long enough to complete everything in one charge.

At the same time, you should consider the size of a dustbin, because the unit must be able to handle the capacity so that you can use it for years after purchase.

The Budget

We have mentioned above that budget is an essential consideration because robot vacuums are still part of high-end gadgets that cost an entire fortune. Of course, prices can vary a lot especially nowadays when technology adapted and began mass-producing.

Everything depends on the first two factors that we have mentioned above. If you want to purchase a unit that contains a wide array of features, you will have to spare more money. It is also essential to consider the brand reputation, as well as warranty and customer service before you make a purchase.

The idea is to find a durable robot vacuum that will withstand heavy-duty use, but you will have to spare premium bucks to get it. However, the greatest advantage of choosing a reputable brand is great customer service, and that will be responsive and there for you for all problems.

Features To Consider When Buying Best Robot Vacuum

Navigation Technology

Different navigation methods will allow a robot to move around your house. The first one is bounce technology, which means that robots will travel in a straight line and change direction as soon as it hits an obstacle. It is common for entry-level and cheap robot models. Dirt spots will enable the robot to identify areas with high areas of debris and dust, and wall-cleaning technology will guide it to move along corners and edges. The high-end vacuums feature systematic mapping navigation that will allow it to map out the house and cover all spots.

Height Clearance

The main problem with traditional vacuums is handling areas below furniture. However, robot cleaners are convenient because they will finish the job without hassle. The only thing you should do is check height clearance and check whether they can run under your furniture.

Noise Level

This is also an important consideration, especially if you plan to use it when the family is around. Most of them have an automatic scheduling function, which means that it will self-run and charge when you set it. Therefore, it is convenient to buy a quiet cleaner, which is between 50 – 70 dB.

Filter Type

A filter is a convenient feature that will prevent dust from re-entering the air through the air vent. This is essential if you live with someone who is sensitive to dust. That is why you should check whether it features HEPA filter.

Battery Run Time

The overall running time is between 90 and 120 minutes. It depends on the model and the cleaning mode you’re using and the size of the battery. In most cases, 90 minutes will cover 1000 square feet depending on navigation technology.

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We have presented your thorough review and buying a guide on the best robot vacuums that you can find on the market. As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, there are various types of robot vacuums so you should choose the one based on your preferences.

You have to think through and analyze everything around, because you’ll have to spare a small fortune, and you don’t want to do it for an inconvenient vacuum. The future is finally here, and it is just a matter of time when people will massively start using robot vacuum cleaners. It is as simple as that.

If you have anything to ask us about the topic, feel free to comment in the section below, and we will help you on short notice.

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