Best Small Mini Hair Dryer

There are a lot of reasons why a user might want to purchase a smaller or a mini version of a hairdryer but the most important one has to be easy. This is because mini hair dryers are much easier for people of all ages to maneuver around such as children and the elderly. Of course, they are also excellent when it comes to storage-saving tactics as users may easily store them and not feel like clutter is forming.

Another amazing advantage of mini products is that they make excellent travel companions as all you have to do is stow them away in your luggage or even your handbag and you can be on your way! No matter what your reason is ultimately you want to make the best choice which suits and fulfills your needs and there is a lot to choose from. So the decision only gets harder and harder.

So to help you chooset the best small mini hair dryer, we have come up with this review which has the top picks of the best small mini hairdryer. If you don’t have the time to go over this review at the moment of our 7 picks, we recommend that you take a look at the ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer which comes fitted with special thermos protect technology and also has a folding handle.

Best Small Mini Hair Dryer

For more information on the topic and to be better informed keep reading on. If this is not enough information for you, keep reading on to make the best decision and before you start reading, take a look at our handy comparison chart below as this will inform you of the main features of each product.


Model NameBest Features Price 
Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Hair Dryer
Tourmaline Ceramic Technology$$ Check Price
Infinitipro by Conair
(Editor’s Choice)
Portable and compact design$ Check Price
ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer
12-month money back$ Check Price
Ovonni Mini Hair Dryer3 speed and heat settings$$ Check Price
Milantia Mini Hair DryerSafety US ALCI plug$$ Check Price
amika Mighty Mini DryerTravel-friendly power$$ Check Price
InStyler MINI Travel Blow DryerHigh compression turbine fan$$ Check Price

Best Small Mini Hair Dryer Reviews

1. Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Hair Dryer

First up on today’s list we have the Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Hair Dryer which as the name recommends is fitted with particular Tourmaline Ceramic Technology which is the most ideal approach to guarantee that your hair comes out looking too smooth and frizz-free each time you blow-dry! For more beneficial and longer enduring hairdos, this device is your best bet.

Another astonishing advantage of this Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer is that it accompanies a handle which can easily be folded and thus it makes this a dryer which is minimized to the point that it can just be put away effectively, but at the same time is compact enough to fit into your bag for your next get-away. This dryer works at an extraordinary 1200 watts and yet can grant you the most delicate hair drying and styling.

To make things simpler for when you travel, this gadget comes fitted with a double voltage innovation which implies it is considerably easier to use with different power outlets and sources. To prevent your hair from getting damaged by the heat, this dryer utilizes infrared heat which works super delicately to blow dry and style your hair. This is complemented by the tourmaline ceramic innovation which utilizes negative particles to diminish frizz and make your hair gleam.

This is a device that also comes with the most useful attachments to make your hair styling experience that much better. We are of course talking about the Concentrator nozzle for very specific styling. However, one drawback here is that there is no diffuser attachment added in which does mean that people with curly hair will be at a slight disadvantage.

  • Compact design.

  • Travel friendly.

  • Adjustable settings.

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology.

  • Foldable handle.

  • Concentrator attachment.

  • Infrared heat.

  • No diffuser added.


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2. Infinitipro by Conair

The Infinitipro by Conair is yet another offering by the Conair brand and this one is even more specialized than the last. This is a device that is primarily meant for use by professionals and that is made clear by its use of a salon AC motor which is powerful enough to tackle hair types of all kinds. It dries hair about 50 percent faster than regular devices might.

One of the best features of this device is that it is designed especially to make travel easier as it is so compact and tiny that portability is no issue for it. This device also is very stylish as it is sleek and black and looks just as visually appealing as a full-size premium hair drying tool would.

Other than this it is also super light so you can just pick it up and use it for longer periods as it is a tiny device. It makes use of ionic technology which is the best way to helps control frizz and ensure that users get the smoothest and healthiest looking hair.

You will also get to make use of around 3 heat modes and 2-speed options which are the best way to get back control over how your hair is dried and exposed to heat. This also means you can get so many different setting combinations to truly style your hair with complete ease. Once you are done styling your hair with heat, simply press the added cool shot button and a burst of cold air will lock your design in place.

While users will get to make use of a hairdryer concentrator which is best for accurate styling of straight hair, this will not take the place of a curly hair diffuser which is not added. For easy cleanup and maintenance, this device makes use of a removable filter and this stops any hair or lint from clogging the dryer. If that wasn’t all there is also a handy hang ring on the cord which is great for storage at home.

  • 50% faster drying.

  • Portable and compact design.

  • Ionic technology.

  • AC motor.

  • 3 heats and 2 speeds.

  • Removable filter.

  • Hang ring.

  • Concentrator attachment.

  • No diffuser attachment.


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3. ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer

Next, we are reviewing the ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer which is again a mini tool but packs a powerful punch as it has a 1000W DC motor which is powerful enough for that pointed airflow to dry and style your hair with ease. In case you wanted to travel with this device, there’s a lot of cool features to please you including a portable storage bag especially to store the dryer.

Because it is so sleek and compact, it is super convenient to transport around and fit in even the tightest of spaces. You get to work with 2 heat and speed settings that are there to provide you with choices and to enhance your styling experience. The 6 feet cord is also an excellent addition and so is the 12-month money guarantee which assures the customer that the brand has their best interests at heart.

Safety is a very important factor with this device and that’s why you get both Thermo to protect technology and the addition of an ALCI Safety Plug which means you won’t have to deal with any dangers of electric shocks or leaks thanks to this dual safety protection system.

As we mentioned before, this is the perfect hairdryer if you are a frequent traveler and are pressed for space. This also has a handle that can easily be folded up which makes it even easier to store and take along for the journey.

  • Portable and compact.

  • 2 heat and speed settings.

  • 6-foot cord.

  • 12-month money back.

  • Thermo protect technology.

  • ALCI Safety Plug.

  • 1000 watt DC motor.

  • Folding handle

  • No attachments added.


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4. Ovonni Mini Hair Dryer

The Ovonni Mini Hair Dryer is next on this list and this is a mini hairdryer that is focused on providing users with the best in safety. This is made clear when you look at the fact that it comes with both a safety US ACLI plug and a safety wire overheat protection system which automatically disconnects the circuit in incase of any issues or leaks. This protects you and your hairdryer!

In terms of settings, you will get to work with 3 Speed and Heat Settings which have the low, medium, and high modes all of which ensure that the user can style and dry their hair on their terms. When you are done with the heating part, simply press the cool shot button and a burst of cold air will allow you to set that hairstyle all day.

For the best and easy maintenance of your device all you need is its handy removable rear filter which ensures that it is not allowing any hair or lint to get stuck inside in the air inlet and this ensures that your hairdryer keeps running for longer and works more efficiently. Plus it cuts down the amount of cleaning you will have to do.

This device comes with a diffuser which is rare for dryers of its size but it doesn’t have a concentrator nozzle which is unfortunate. For the sleekest and most frizz-free hair, this device makes use of negative ion and ceramic tourmaline technology which ensures that the natural moisture of your hair is not taken away from you.

  • Removable rear filter.

  • Negative ion and ceramic tourmaline technology.

  • Safety US ALCI plug.

  • Safety wire over-heat protection system.

  • 3 speed and heat settings.

  • Cool shot button.

  • Contractible air outlet design.

  • Diffuser included.

  • No concentrator.


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5. Milantia Mini Hair Dryer

The Milantia Mini Hair Dryer comes with a coating of Ceramic Tourmaline, Nano Silver, and Argan oil all of which combine to shield your hair from heat damage. There is also the production of Nano-scale negative ions which reduce frizz by locking in the natural moisture of your hair.

You get to work with a 2.5m power cord which allows for easy movement and also has a hanging ring for easy storage. This is one of the best ways to save space. For safety reasons, in case of an emergency or leak, the safety US ALCI plug shuts off automatically thus ensuring that the dryer and the user are both safe from harm.

There is also a removable back cap that allows for easy and carefree maintenance and this increases the efficiency and performance of your device.

  • Ceramic Tourmaline, Nano Silver, and Argan oil coating.

  • Emits Nano-scale negative ions.

  • Removable back cap.

  • 5m Power cord.

  • Safety US ALCI plug.

  • No warranty.


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6. Amika Mighty Mini Dryer

Next up we are looking at a very special little device and this is known as the amika Mighty Mini Dryer which is, first of all, an extremely brightly colored and visually appealing product which is a great way to express your personality. Other than that it is a testament to the fact that looks can be deceiving as the device is tiny but very mighty.

This is because it is powered by a 1000 Watt motor which is powerful enough to dry hair of any kind or length in no time. Since most smaller and mini dryers are the optimum choice for travelers, this one is fitted with a dual voltage tool which can make use of the latest technology and high-quality materials for the best performance.

Similar to many other products on this list, this device comes with tourmaline and ceramic components which produce far-infrared heat and negative ions, both of which work to eliminate frizz of all kinds and successfully smoothen out hair. This is why you will get sleeker and shinier results each time.
To get that volume in your hair, this device comes with a finger diffuser attachment as well which allows you to get that heavy and volumized hair by just targeting the roots instead of the length with the diffuser. This is an excellent addition as most mini dryers do not come with this attachment and it is a heaven-sent for curlier and wavier textures.

This hair dryer has one more trick up its sleeve and that is in the form of special Sea Buckthorn Berry extracts that are transferred into your hair and enrich it with around 190 bio-active compounds. When you are traveling internationally, simply switch up the voltage to one that is most convenient to you.

  • 1000 Watt.

  • Dual voltage tool.

  • Finger diffuser tool.

  • Tourmaline and ceramic components.

  • Far-infrared heat.

  • Travel-friendly power.

  • Sea Buckthorn Berry extracts.

  • Voltage can be switched

  • No warranty added.


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7. InStyler MINI Travel Blow Dryer

Finally, we are ending today’s review with the InStyler MINI Travel Blow Dryer and this is a device that might be half the size of your full-sized hairdryer but it is just as powerful if not more. This is because it comes with its innovative new technology which allows the user to dry their hair twice as fast meaning that your hair will be exposed to heat for far less time and this prevents heat damage.

The next most important aspect of this device is that it dries hair in a way that only the moisture at the surface is dried off and not the natural moisture in the hair. This remains untouched and this is precisely what ensures that your hair comes out looking healthier and more frizz-free. This device also has a high power DC motor and turbine fan design which ensures the performance is gentle yet powerful.

That’s not all as this dryer also is fitted with a high compression turbine fan which is also the reason behind its quick-drying action. The multiple heat settings mean that you get to decide how much heat your hair is exposed to at all times and also grants the user enough control to style their hair as they please.

Thanks to its special tourmaline ceramic technology, this device is the best at producing negative ions that counteract the positive moisture ones to provide drying action which tames frizz and fly-aways. This is why you will always be left with hair that looks salon styled and healthier with each usage.

While this device does come with a Concentrator Nozzle handy, there is no diffuser attachment added. This means that people with more waxy and curly hair textures will be left out.

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology.

  • 2 Heat Settings.

  • Concentrator Nozzle.

  • High compression turbine fan.

  • High Power DC Motor.

  • Retains moisture.

  • No diffuser tool.


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Now that you have all the information regarding best low emf hair dryers, it’s time to choose the best one according to your own preferences. Thist list of unbiased reviews is crafted after extensive research and includes only worthy units to help you choose only the best one. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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