Best Travel Humidifier

Humidifiers add moisture to the dry air and keep you away from allergies. Also, they can create a soothing effect while you are traveling or staying in a hotel. We have selected here some best travel humidifiers that can add a relaxing factor to your travel time. And maintains a moist atmosphere, so you can stay away from skin sensitivity.

Traveling is something that makes you fresh and removes the stress of everyday routine. Nowadays, managing extra time for traveling is very difficult as everyone is stuck at work. That’s why when people maintain a travel time they want to make it perfect and trouble-free.

Travel humidifiers are manufactured to keep such a thing in mind. They can add extra aroma to your surroundings, and gives you a relaxed and peaceful time. We are going to discuss here those products which can make your travel time a soothing period. You can choose one of them according to your need and wish.

Top Pick: MOVTIP Mini Humidifier is the best pick in our list. It is a portable, small size design humidifier with a single control button.  Its different colors are attractive with two continuous and intermittent mist modes.

Best Travel Humidifiers

The comparison chart below will give you the idea of some best travel humidifiers, that’ll help you to select the best suitable product for yourself.

Model NameBest Features Price 
InnoGear Car Humidifier
Have an attractively designed structure, comes with a USB power supply $$ Check Price
JZK Mini Humidifier
(Editor’s Choice)
Can use with cool or warm mist, versatile plugin choices with the USB cable$ Check Price
MOVTIP Mini Humidifier,
Portable size has a single button control$ Check Price
BONECO Travel HumidifierFits inside your luggage easily, very easy to use$$ Check Price
HoMedics Personal HumidifierThe very lightweight product works with noise-free quality$$ Check Price
FIGROL Mini HumidifierSmall-sized design works at the no-noise level$$ Check Price
FIGROL Mini HumidifierHave built-in 800mA battery, have a small size structure $$ Check Price

Top 7 Best Travel Humidifier

Let’s discuss some of the best travel humidifiers. These items are selected after collecting full information and consumers’ reviews.

This article contains the products with different productive features, some are best in their size and design, some have better mist features and some of them are more convenient in usage. Read the whole article to know these products better and to select the best humidifier for yourself.


1. InnoGear Car Humidifier

Top Pick

InnoGear Car Humidifier

Aromatherapy Diffusers with Intermittent/Continuous Mist

INGENIOUS & PRACTICAL: This aroma diffuser, with delicate appearance, is designed to be a perfect decorative piece that fits in with any decor. Comparing with other compact and portable designs, the cap of the diffuser is easy to take off, so you can unscrew the cap with ease.

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This product is one of the best humidifiers for traveling as it can keep you relaxed and makes a tension-free trip. It has a stylish and catchy design, that can look attractive inside your car cup holder and in your hotel room too. It’s a very light-weight item with just 0.29 lb. and 2.44×4.92 inches’ dimensions.

This product’s appealing look gives it an advanced feature that is it looks like a décor piece. Also, it’s a portable easy handled product with its easy take-off cap, so you can open up the InnoGear humidifier easily with this cap. This makes the product a convenient option to buy for your car.


Whenever you plan to go on vacation must keep it with you to add extra aroma in your trip. It does not only maintain mist level also it adds up a certain fragrance level in the surroundings. Another feasible feature is its mist-control quality; you can set its mist level in between two options.

Either you can set the mist-level at intermittent if you like low mist in your surroundings, or you can set it at the continuous level for a high-level mist. It works not only as a humidifier but also as a vaporizer and diffuser, and even it works as a night lamp to add a soothing effect inside your hotel room.

You can charge this humidifier easily with its 5V input USB power supply. So you can easily connect it to your laptop or the simple plug for battery power up. Most importantly it is safe in usage with its automatically shut down system when the water level gets down. This feature attracts the buyer because safety matters a lot.

This product includes the top buttons system to operate with a hand only. Even you can give it as a gift because of its latest and stylish look. One of the best products to maintain your car’s humidity.

  • Have a stylish and modern structure.

  • Portable, easily fits inside the car’s cup holder.

  • 5V input USB power supply.

  • Have two mist levels, intermittent and continuous.

  • Comes without an adapter (which makes the charging port complete).


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2. JZK Mini Humidifier

Hot Pick

JZK Mini Humidifier

Night Light for Travel, Car, Baby, Desk, Throat, Nose 4 – 8 Hours

Easy to Use – Versatile plug in choices with USB Cable & Adapter will provide you flexible charging options.

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This is a very small size, portable and convenient product, the best traveling partner. It has just 6.9 ounces’ weight and 3.9x3x3.9 inches’ dimensions. So, this humidifier is perfect for everyone even for babies. It’s cute circular structure and variety of colors attract babies and they can get a frank environment.

It can be used in two ways, either as the cool mist freshener or as a warm freshener. If you have any type of allergies and need a warm environment for their removal, you can carry this small humidifier anywhere, for traveling, in your hotel room also you can keep it inside your luggage, to always breathe comfortably.

It comes with the USB cable and adapter, so you can charge it anywhere with its multiple charging options. Its advanced feature is its lifetime guarantee, that attracts the most. You can get a replacement whenever anything goes wrong with your humidifier. So you can buy this product without the risk of losing your money.


It’s a very essential small-sized humidifier that keeps your air fresh and soothing to make your journey memorable. It’s a good product to buy for your kids and also to keep inside your handbag. You can also choose the color of this product which you find attractive and suitable for your room or car.

  • Small and convenient size, only 6.9 ounces.

  • Comes with a USB and adapter, so you can charge it anywhere.

  • Works as both warm and cool mist freshener.

  • Comes in so many attractive colors.

  • Sometimes mist is not coming out properly.


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3. MOVTIP Portable Mini Humidifier

Top Pick

MOVTIP Portable Mini Humidifier

Bedroom Travel Office Home, Auto Shut-Off, 2 Mist Modes, Super Quiet, White

PORTABLE MINI HUMIDIFIER】Portable and small design is very easy take with you anywhere and super perfect for travel,bedroom,office, which is effectively moisturize dry skin and help you reduce skin peeling.

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it’s a silicon material, portable, and small-sized convenient humidifier for your traveling. It has just a 95x95x129 mm size, that’s super perfect to place inside any bag. You can take this mini product anywhere with you while traveling, or you can place it inside your room and even it is appropriate for your office.

This product keeps the mist level moderate and at a high level depending on the mode you select for it to work. It has two mist modes, on a single press (button) it’ll work for twelve consecutive hours, on double press it starts working intermittently and continue for eighteen hours. As it has a large spray capacity that is 500ml.

It’s a very effective product to keep your dry skin fresh and allergic free. The most important thing is its safe because it can automatically shut down when the water level gets down its surface. And it’s safe also because of its seal that’s strong enough to stop the water leakage and keeps the surrounding fresh as well as clean.

It comes in four attractive colors pink, white, blue, and gray, you can choose any of them according to your choice. Because it has a very stylish and modern appearance, that can suit anywhere, inside anything. It only has a single control button which is easy to use. USB cable enables it to get charged anytime when needed.

It’s a very latest and attractive humidifier that can work as a friendly decorative product. It can keep your air fresh and balanced humidity. Its colors provide choices for a more suitable appearance. So you can buy this best travel humidifier to add more comfort in your life.

  • it comes in four attractive colors.

  • have a good size 500ml tank

  • works at two modes, continuous and intermittently

  • it has a silicon material stylish structure

  • its cotton core needs to be soaked a few minutes before you turn on the humidifier.


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4. BONECO Travel Humidifier

Editors Choice

BONECO Travel Humidifier

Travel Ultrasonic

Easy to Use: Just pop on a PET bottle, connect the appliance, and enjoy healthy air in your room. The variable output control lets you set the humidity output just as you like. The travel companion automatically switches off when it runs out of water.

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It’s a perfect travel partner with 1.6 pounds’ weight. It can easily fit inside your luggage and give you no worries about weight. Also, you can place it inside its travel handy bag, which comes with it along a cleaning brush to clean the external side of the product. These are the essentials that attracts you while buying a humidifier.

You can get a good quality fresh air for soothing effect with this humidifier. You can use it anywhere like a car, hotel room, bedroom, and also in an office. It comes with an AC/DC adapter that gives a high level of 1 gal/day output range. You can set it inside a car easily as it is a handy, portable humidifier.

Its usage is very easy as you can use it with just a water bottle on its top. It comes with the variable output control. So you can set its humidity level at the point which you feel appropriate for you. This makes it a convenient humidifier to buy for your smooth fresh and perfect journey, also its perfect for your hotel room too.

It’s safe with its automatic-shut down the system. It can stop working immediately when the water level goes down and keeps your surrounding not only moist but safe also. It works with the high-frequency ultrasonic technology, that keeps the water clean without the filter. This clean water converts into mini mist particles and produces fog.

This BONECO humidifier works at a no-noise level to keep you calm and relaxed. This is designed to keep your health perfect and free of allergies. Its main purpose is to keep you away from suffering and dryness. So you can buy this product for a happy healthy traveling and focused office work.

  • It comes with the AC/DC adapter for high-level output that is 1 gal/day.

  • Safe because of the auto-shutdown system.

  • Have only 1.6 pounds’ weight.

  • Perfect travel partner.

  • Not have a fitting for all size bottles.


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5. HoMedics Personal Humidifier

Editors Choice

HoMedics Personal Humidifier

Whisper-Quiet | Includes AC & USB Adaptors, BONUS- 3 FREE WICK FILTERS

WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: The Homedics Humidifier uses Ultrasonic Technology to ensure Your mister is operating effectively and silently; It creates a visible, Cooling mist that humidifies Your personal space; Don’t worry about disturbing Your co workers with noisy Motors;

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It’s a very lightweight, portable, and perfect sized humidifier for Travelling. This is very small in size, with only 65 pounds’ weight and 9.75 inches’ length. That’s why it is called a personal humidifier. If you put it inside your handbag you can slightly feel a difference in the appearance and weight of the bag.

It’s a perfect product for bedrooms (small size only), small apartments, cars, and cabins of the offices. You can easily set it on your desk and car’s dashboard. It’s another quality is its whisper-quiet working, as it can work without a little amount of noise with its ultrasonic technology.

This product includes a USB cable and an adapter, so you can charge it anytime, anywhere even with your laptop. It’s a safe humidifier, it can automatically stop working as the water level gets down. So you do not need to worry about its closing time, instead, you can go for sleep without any tension while it’s on.

It has a small reservoir tank of only 200ML space, which means it does not need more than a cup of water (7/8 cup). This gives the humidifier a runtime of four consecutive hours. It has only one button for its operation. It’s not only simple in structure but also its cleaning is very much easier, you just have to unscrew the cover for whole access.

This humidifier has a stylish gray and blue color circular structure. It can keep your dry air moist and free of allergies, like sore throat and skin rash. It comes with extra three free bonus wick filters also. It’s a manual user best travel humidifier to buy for better traveling. Also, it comes with a one-year warranty.

  • The very light weight of only 65 pounds.

  • Have a small reservoir 200ML tank size.

  • Safe as it has an automatic shut-down system.

  • Have ultrasonic technology, works quietly.

  • Have a limited one-year warranty.


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6. FIGROL Mini Humidifier

Editors Choice

FIGROL Mini Humidifier

Humidifier for Travel Office Hotel Household Without Water Bottle

Cool Mist and Container diversity–It can effectively moisturize dry skin,help you to reduce skin drying and peeling.Besides,it is the best choice for you if your eyes feel dry and sour.Length adjustable so it can combine with different containers.Such as mug,normal glass,bottle or mineral water bottle.

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This FIGROL humidifier is a well-structured modern humidifier. It has a stylish small structure of 3.99 ounces only, with 8.47×2.16×2.16 inches’ dimension. This makes it a portable and mini humidifier best for traveling. Its smart structure gives the newest look to your car along with the soothing aroma.


Its smart size enables it to be fit anywhere, inside a small bag. It can moisturize your skin and removes dryness in the surrounding. It can work as a cool mist. As a cool-mist, it can add a soothing effect like if your eyes are feeling itchy because of dryness, this product’s cool mist effect makes your eyes relaxed.

Its length can be adjusted according to your choice, so it can be connected with containers like glass, bottle, or a mug. It comes with a USB cable, so you can connect it anywhere for instant charging. These features make it a convenient product to buy for the best humidity atmosphere while traveling.

It works with whisper-free technology, so is considered one of the best mini humidifier. It’s a safe product and stops working automatically after 5s. DC power mute humidification achieves healthy mist spread. This quality is perfect for you because it cannot disturb you while you are working instead get done automatically.

Also, its noise-free working makes your sleep more comfortable. Even if you keep it on your side table it cannot disturb you. It’s a perfect choice for your room, office, and car. It gives a different look to your office desk. You can carry it to your office inside your suitcase or handbag. Also, it can perfectly set inside the cup holder of the car.

  • Have a stylish modern unique structure.

  • Potable, only have a 3.99 ounces’ size.

  • Have a 5s. DC power mute humidification.

  • Whisper free technology.

  • Cotton core needs to be soaked for a few minutes before the start.


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7. FIGROL Mini Humidifier

Cool Pick

FIGROL Mini Humidifier

Cool Mist Humidifier Air Humidifier For Travel Office Hotel Household Without Water Bottle

【Built-in 800mA Battery & 5 hours endurance】—The humidifier is built-in 800mA battery, can spray 5 hours maximum without cable. The LED will be red when it’s under charging.

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This FIGROL humidifier looks stylish and very small in size. It has only 6.28 ounces’ weight and 2.95×2.95×9.25 inches’ dimensions. It comes with a built-in 800Ma battery, that can ensure five hours of continuous working. It can give you a red LED whenever it needs charging, so you don’t have to look again and again when the charging is needed.

It gives you a new free humidification experience, so there is no need to remain stuck with the USB wire. It’s a perfect travel partner, you can take it anywhere with you for a more cool environment. It can be taken inside a simple handbag; you do not have to be worried, it’s a convenient product.

It works with the cool mist, as it can moisturize dry skin and removes dryness in the air, also gives a soothing effect to your eyes. Also, it can easily combine with different containers such as a water bottle, glass, and even a mug. This can attract consumers most as people like buying a refreshing humidifier.

It’s the best partner for your travel, room, and office also. You can easily carry it anywhere with you. It can easily fit inside your cup holder of the car and gives a fresh soothing effect.

  • Have mini size with only 6.28 ounces’ weight.

  • Give a red LED whenever needs charging.

  • Easily carried out even in a small handbag.

  • Can combine with different containers like in a mug.

  • Two ends of the cotton core needed to be soaked for 5-10 minutes before use.


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Now that you have all the information regarding the best Travel humidifiers, it’s time to choose the best one according to your needs and budget. Other than that, we have mentioned a top pick as well to help you choose the best one without wasting too much time.
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