DevaCurl DevaDryer Blow Dryer Review 2021

Curly hair is no stroll in the park! They are more fragile in comparison to curly hair and can lose easily. When it comes to drying curly hair, we say it is a form of art, and a hairdryer specifically designed for curly hair can make all the difference in the world!

An effective hairdryer is every woman’s arsenal, don’t you think so? A powerful hairdryer can turn your soppy-wet strands, into a masterpiece. Only, if you get a hairdryer that meets the demands of your hair type. All women with curly hair know that despite how fabulous curly hair looks, a lot of time, effort, and care is needed by those curly strands.

The drying technique is not all that matters, to have a hairdryer by your side that is specifically designed for curly hair types is a blessing in disguise, we are sure all the woman with curly hair will agree. If you are in search of a hairdryer that has all the necessary features curly hair demands, then you have landed on the right page. We have done all the research for you!

When looking for a hairdryer for your curly hair, a few key features you should keep in mind are: if it produces negative ions, infrared heat, and has tourmaline ceramic. A combo of these features will give you less frizzy, smoother, and shiny results. Frizz is every curly hair girl’s worst nightmare, right?

The DevaCurl Deva Dryer is the best hair dryer you can get your hands on, women with curly hair love it! All we have read are praises about the DevaCurl it is every curly hair woman’s dream come true!

What Can You Expect from the DevaCurl Deva Dryer?

Designed for wavy or curly hair, delivers 360-degree airflow to precisely and gently dry curls without causing frizzy-ness with a cool-shoot button to lock curls! The ionic and ceramic technology is a must-have feature in all hair drying products, and this one is no exception.

DevaCurl is a famous haircare brand, popular among the curly-hair community for valid reasons. They are innovators in creating curl products and their unique diffuser tool is a must-have. Let’s look at all the product has to offer!

What it Looks Like and How is the Design Functionality?

Let’s talk about design! The DevaCurl DevaDryer is light-weight, you won’t end up with sore arms by the end of your blowout session. A heavy-weighed hairdryer can make the hair drying process gruesome. It comes with the famous DevaFuser and a concentrator, it’s your home curl-kit in our opinion.

It comes with a 6-feet cord that won’t get tripped. As far as safety is concerned, the ALCI plug is trustable and completely safe to use.

What is the DevaFuser?

The bright-green hand-shaped attachment is what the curly hair community is crazy about. It is an award-winning universal diffuser and a game-changer! The DevaFuser is designed in the shape of a hand, to help you scrunch your curls when you are drying them. Brilliant right? You must have heard about the scrunching method; it is a popular method where you scrunch the curls to bring more definition and bounce.

The DevaFuser lets you do that, while you dry your hair and add more definition, and eliminating frizz. You can even lift the ends of your curls to your roots to add more volume to your overall hair, something your average diffuser doesn’t allow you. The hand has an opening on every side, allowing airflow to help you dry your curls easily and, it speeds up the process with great volume, which standard bowl-shaped diffusers can’t do.

Drying Power

For your curls or waves to have more volume and less frizz, in little time, than this blow dryer is the one for you. Apart from its unique diffuser, this blow-dry delivers 360-degree airflow, leaving no hair strand untouched. The patented DivaCurl DivaDryer features 1600 Watts with an AC motor. Since the drying power is low, your hair won’t fry and won’t be exposed to severe heat for a long-time.

While curly hair is beautiful, they are also easily prone to breakage and this gentle blow dryer will swiftly dry your curls without damaging them in the long-run. The gentle the airflow, the better because it will give the effect of air-dried hair than a full-professional blowout which makes it a great product for a natural curly-look. It will leave your hair bouncier and fuller, once you are done with your hair blowout-session.

The Technology Behind the DivaCurl DivaDryer

If you go for anything other than ionic technology, then you will be making a mistake. Ionic technology is all the rage in the hair market. Every brand offers it because the benefits it offers are unparalleled. Ionic technology delivers negative ions which leaves your strands less prone to tangling, the ions will lock in moisture and your hair will feel softer than ever.

The metal plate inside the dryer is ceramic coated and helps to maintain the moisture in your hair while reducing dry-time as well. With the combination of ionic and ceramic technology, you will have static and frizz-free curls, with shine and volume. Your hair will look naturally beautiful, with defined curls and surely turn a lot of heads.

Temperature and Speed Settings

This hair dryer comes with 3- heat settings (Low, Medium, and High) which is perfect because you can select the temperature according to your desire. If you have thin hair then, a low-temperature will work best. You have the option to select from 2-speed settings (Low and High.) The low-speed settings will require slightly more time to dry your hair, the high-speed settings will make the process faster.

However, if you are not looking to add extra volume to your hair then you the low-speed settings will work best. It is all about, what you are looking for in the end. The hairdryer allows you to work with a combination of temperature and heat settings. You just have to find the right combination for your hair!

How to Use the DivaDryer?

It is pretty simple to use the hairdryer, all you have to do is pish the DivaFuser on the top of the dryer, and make sure it is firmly attached. Switch on the hairdryer set the desired temperature and speed settings. It is recommended that you tilt your head to the side and dry the roots first. Repeat the process, until the hair at your roots is water-free.

Once you are done, gently cradle the ends of your in the DivaFuser, bring them up to the scalp you will be scrunching your curls. Hold the hair in the DivaFucer for a few seconds and repeat the process to the rest of your hair.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Let’s have a quick look at them:

  • Ionic Technology.

  • DivaFuser Attachment.

  • Light-weight.

  • Ceramic plate inside.

  • 3-heat settings.

  • 2-speed settings.

  • Slightly price than other hair dryers.


Our Final Verdict?

Overall, the DivaFuser DivaDryer is the perfect tool kit to have for any woman with curly hair. There are only positive ratings and feedback from the curly hair community. The most unique feature is the DivaFuser shaped like a hand that makes the scrunching method possible, the innovation can’t be overlooked For anyone, looking to manage their curls at home, this product is the one for you, hands down!


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