GHD Blow Dryer Reviews

When you talk about premium blow dryers and styling tools, GHD is a brand that has held its own time and time again. This is primarily because it offers amazing features and for the price that it charges, one would expect no less.

We are looking at the GHD Air and the biggest drawback of this device is not that it lacks features but just that it is charging a price that does not justify the performance that it renders. Don’t get us wrong, it is still a great blow dryer and does what it claims! However, it falls short in a lot of areas when you look at its price.

First and foremost, this is not a device that you can take around with you. It is chunky and not a compact hairdryer. This also means that it is not meant to be handled for long periods. However, this does not mean that this apparent design flaw is a complete drawback as it is durable and long-lasting.

Also to counteract the fact that it is heavier, the barrel and handle of the hairdryer have been properly balanced to make using it much more comfortable. Another amazing feature of this device is the fact that it has a very powerful motor. It is much more powerful than others in the market as well at 2100 watts.

With this product, you will likewise get the opportunity to utilize its ionic innovation, which claims to effectively decrease frizz while drying your hair much quicker than its competitors. This engine controls come with 3 settings for heat and 2 for speed, found on the back of the handle, in addition to a cold shot catch found within the handle that is perfect to set your style all night long.

If we talk about the iconic feature in more detail, GHD Air has managed to successfully eliminate frizz and while it might not be the best in the business, it achieves exactly what it claims to do. Get users that sleek and effortless salon styled hair but at home!

GHD Blow Dryer Reviews

In conclusion, when we look at the market conditions, the GHD Air is one such product that has not been out for too long and still has managed to capture a large portion of the market regardless. It has not only managed to stay afloat with so many other products available readily to the user but has also built a loyal consumer base for itself. The one main drawback is that it cannot compete with other products that are simply cheaper.


  • Advanced ionic technology
  • 3 temperature modes and 2-speed settings
  • 7m long cable
  • 1-year ghd warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Removable air filter
  • Compatible with diffuser


  • Expensive

Talking about the ghd hairdryer, thanks to its super-powerful wattage and motor function, this device cuts down drying time in half and allows users to reduce exposure to heat damage. It also comes with a cool patented removable air filter which makes maintenance and cleaning up after a breeze. It also prevents your hair from getting stuck in and therefore prevents clogging.

The most impressive feature however is the advanced ionic technology which is capable of cutting down frizz and flyaways so you always end up with a much smoother and healthier-looking outcome. Ionic technology works by canceling out moisture ions on a surface level but does not harm the hair as it doesn’t dry out the hair’s natural moisture.

Thanks to its ergonomic design it is a great dryer whether you are left or right-handed as it will ensure you work with ease. The ergonomic aspect also helps balance out the fact that this blow dryer is definitely on the heavier side. You might have to purchase it extra but this device is completely compatible with the GHD air diffuser and that is a heaven-sent for users with curly or wavy hair.

That’s not all however as users will also be able to benefit from features such as its 2.7-meter long cable which allows them to move around with ease. There is also a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. Finally, you get to work with 3 heat modes and 2-speed settings along with a cool shot button that helps lock in that styling.


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