Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray Review

While it is true that a lot of products nowadays tend to focus on dual technologies and feature 2 in one capability, there is no denying that products meant to tackle one specific issue have no match whatsoever! This is especially true for hair styling products. So today we have come up with a review of a blow-dry spray which is specifically meant to prevent heat damage.

The product in question comes from a brand known as Kenra which is quite popular for coming out with really premium products that are enriched with high-tech formulas, visually appealing packaging, and also have the best fragrances.

The product in question today is the Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray which owes its success to clever research and designing and making use of the most high-end ingredients to come up with a truly lightweight and effective formulation.

This product is known for decreasing the time it takes a user to blow-dry which of course lowers the exposure time and thus also the heat damage. However, it also has an intense heat protection formula. It is best for detangling the hair and the user will always end up with shinier and healthier looking hair.

Not only does it come with a thermal protectant that goes up to 428ºF, but it also is great at managing frizzy hair thanks to its remarkable humidity resistant features.

Now that we have looked into this, we are going to talk about the product’s features in more detail:

The Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray is a one of a kind and very unique meant purely for blow-drying and styling hair. It comes with special heat protection thanks to its being a thermal protectant formula as well. This allows the user to ensure that their hair won’t become dry or brittle after using this.

It is meant to be used for blow-drying to specifically cut down the time it takes to blow dry hair and this reduced exposure is also a great way to thwart off heat damage. All in all, this is a very lightweight formula that will not make the hair stiff or hard as many other products do.

It does, however, have a slightly stronger fragrance which might be too sweet for some users. However, if used in moderation, that shouldn’t be a problem. This spray is known for its prowess at smoothening out, conditioning, and detangling the hair while also preventing frizz of any kind from forming.

The spray is not tested on animals so you can have complete peace of mind when you use it but it is only meant for salon resale use. If you are looking for a spray that gets you long-lasting results and can allow your hair to fight off humidity, then you are looking in the right place!

  • Thermal Protectant.

  • Not tested on animals.

  • Eliminates frizz.

  • Resists humidity.

  • Lightweight formula.

  • Detangles and smoothes hair.

  • For Professional Salon Resale Only.

  • Has a strong smell.


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