RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer Review

Nowadays users have such a huge variety of options to choose from, especially when it comes to hair dryers. There are types for everyone whether you are looking for a travel-friendly dryer or one that is specifically meant for styling at home. So, how does one ever make the decision? Is it all about the price or are there other factors involved?

The RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer review will be talking about a very popular and fast-emerging product which is known as the rx7 Superlite hairdryer. The reason why you should always research before you buy a product is that especially for electronics, you should always get a finer quality device. This is for safety and to get your money’s worth as these devices should be durable and reliable.

RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer Review

Before starting the RX7 Superlite Hair Dryer review, let’s get some information about this product.

How is the device’s design?

The first thing that you notice about this product is that it is one which is super lightweight which can be gauged by its name as well. This is quite a distinguishable feature because most other dryers in the same price range will be quite bulkier and rounder. This makes them heavy and difficult to hold onto for longer periods. This also ensures that your product is very visually appealing as it is slim and sleek by design.

In the same way as other popular hairdryers, the RX7 Superlite comes with unique buttons to control the airflow’s temperature and these are placed directly on the handle. There are 3 buttons in total, one for controlling the warmth, one for altering the speed, and the last one is a cold shot one which is great to set the hair once it has been styled.

Even though the overall style and shape of this dryer are commendable, there is one main drawback and that is that it has not been made keeping ergonomics in mind. This might make the dryer slightly harder to use especially for the elderly or anyone for long periods.

Is it a travel-friendly device?

Being that the hairdryer is so lightweight, it is anything but difficult to move around and can be taken just about anyplace. This might be why this product is such a popular choice for users who are fond of traveling. Since it is so lightweight and easy to maneuver, it will simply fit within your luggage without any issues.

There are 3 diverse temperature settings, going from warm to extremely hot. What’s more, there are additionally 3 unique rates of the air that is delivered out of this product. The item also comes in handy with 2 unique nozzles which can be attached if the user wants to do some precision-based styling.

How powerful is it?

It is perfectly normal to find a hairdryer which comes with 1875 watts of energy as this is the standard. It is powerful enough to dry your hair quickly but is just as gentle. However, to find a product which is both this powerful and built so light is a truly remarkable feat.

The company also guarantees that this dryer can increase the drying time at any rate by 60 percent. While it is a powerful one, we don’t know if this is entirely accurate and might be more of a gimmick instead.

Finally, it also comes with an easy to maneuver 8-foot power cord which is basically what makes it so the salon is friendly. This is also great for at-home users who have difficulties getting to their mirror in the bathroom to style their hair or who just want more freedom to use their dryer as they please. Convenience is its most impressive feature.

In conclusion, while it is true that there might be other contenders that have similar features, however at this price and with all of these features combined, this device is definitely worth the investment.

Now, we are going to look at the features of this product in a bit more detail:


  • Tourmaline coating
  • Ionic technology
  • Super-fast model
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 1875 watt output
  • Durable and efficient


  • No attachments
  • Meant for professional usage

The rx7 Superlite hair dryer derives its amazing capabilities from the tourmaline coating that it has, which is a substance that discharges negative particles, and this is accentuated by the fact that it comes with ionic innovation. Both of these features when combined ensure that the hairdryer can discharge negative particles that cancel out the positive anions in moisture.

This leads to the production of specialized infrared heat, which allows this hair dryer to prevent the creation of any static and frizz on the hair. Another excellent use here is that unlike other products, it only dries the surface level moisture and does not dry out the natural moisture that the hair needs. This leaves you with healthy and glossier hair.

Thanks to its powerful motor, this is one dryer that is also able to work much faster and effectively dry and style the user’s hair in no time.

This hairdryer is also excessively lightweight which means that a lot more users of all ages can easily make use of it. Another great element is that it runs off of an 1875 watt yield, which can assist you with drying your hair quicker too. This also means that the amount of exposure to heat will be reduced thus lowering the chances of heat damage as well.

One thing that should be taken into account is that this is a device primarily meant for professional usage so the engine is a top of the line engine that takes after the ones utilized in high-end salons. However, this does mean that the product can run more efficiently and for longer as compared to other products on the market.

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